From Twitter: Parents’ Best Holiday Travel Ideas & Tips

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Photo: Air New ZealandHoliday travel with kids isn’t much more stressful than any other holiday travel and is usually worth it in terms of family time, vacation opportunities and time with extended family.  This was the consensus at our Holiday Travel-themed #MOMtravelchat this week. We got advice from some of our favorite regulars as well as from Rania Kfuri at Free Like Birdie and William Beckler at AlltheRooms. And we gave away prizes that will be handy for holiday travel from Maxi-Cosi, B.Box and Free Like Birdie.

Here are some highlights from the conversation.  Please keep it going with your own comments below!

Timing Is Everything

alltherooms  observes  that, “keeping to routines is so important but so hard on the road.” Choosing the best time of day to drive or fly, especially one that syncs well with eating and napping routines can make a trip easier, most parents agreed.

FlyeBabyFor flying, TheMomJourneys says, “Tried them all. Each has pros, but would vote early am if had to pick.” This can work because well-rested kids entertain themselves and resist squirming better than tired ones. alltherooms  notes that if your kids can sleep in an airplane seat, “For Long flight, red-eye is the best. Short flight, afternoon” when they nap. For an evening flight with a baby, FreeLikeBirdie reminds us to “request a bassinet” (or travel with a FlyeBaby infant hammock).

In the car, where parents are less able to entertain and tend to little kids, driving during naptimes or in the evening around bedtime is essential, parents say.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Parents excel at list-making and it’s essential during holiday travel, when you don’t just need the usual clothes but winter gear, gifts and maybe your contribution to the big meal.  Here at FamiliesGo!, “if there is anything essential and last minute, we tape a reminder note to the front door!”

peekababy advises “Always pack change of clothes for yourself (not just for the kids). I learned the hard way…” Car-sickness and untimely pooping happens. Other parents suggest stashing towels and even a  training potty in the car, plus a leakproof bag. And be sure to put the diaper where you can reach it in case you’re stuck in traffic

During the holidays, places can easily overbook. Especially if you’ll be arriving late, alltherooms says, “Check your accommodation before you leave” to confirm you’re booked.

Before getting in the care at this time of year, FreeLikeBirdie advises, “Be sure to check your car and take supplies before leaving.” sweetmatcha adds, “Check the weather and traffic, get gas beforehand!” lest you waste good driving time while the kids are napping.

At familiesgo  we like to tell people that the “Best thing you can do if you roadtrip with kids is join AAA. Road service of course and lots of discounts!”

Once you’re under way, Saving4Jewels says, “I make sure to take plenty of snacks and my daughter’s favorite toy.” To this TheMomJourneys adds, “Pack patience…and a pashmina to serve as blanket, pillow, or wrap.”

Simple but engaging

Look online to find out if the airport has a playground.

Where To Go if You Go Away?

lady5280  likes to head to Colorado in late Novermber because, “Skiing on Thanksgiving is awesome; there are no crowds!”  For sun lovers, FreeLikeBirdie says “Oahu is awesome at Christmas, would love to go back again.”

 The House of Mouse is a favorite for the holidays (despite the crowds.)  The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Winter break and less crowded, but you still get the holiday flavor parents say. Planning for next year, FreeLikeBirdie notes, “A good holiday to visit Disney is Halloween.Sshort lines nice weather and fun décor.”

Mickey and Mnnie in the holiday best.

Mickey and Mnnie in their holiday best.

sweetmatcha says she heads, “To the Poconos for skiing and Manhattan to visit the Rockefeller tree!.” Indeed, our hometown, NYC is popular, especially for the tree. “We are Going to see the Rockefeller tree this year!” said bodinesteph,  “And we definitely want to go and skate in central park! “

TheMomJourneys  says, “I dream of the German/Austrian Christmas Markets! One day.” And MOMiSHStyle “Would love to spend a Christmas in D.C.!!” A capitol idea!

KatjaGaskell is more traditional. She says, “So many places to choose! But ultimately Christmas etc. should be spent with family, wherever they are.” And KristinaJuarez9 points out the practical side of visiting family: “It’s more relaxed and there are helping hands!”

Best Tip

The Best Tip award for this party goes to meredithblock. Her trick for getting through the holiday is “Pre-planning, patience and wine!”

Happy travels!

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  1. Love the baby hammock idea, I have never seen one of them in use. It would have been great for a Turkish Mum we saw on a 13 hour bus journey who had a toddler and a baby (who slept on a pillow on Mums lap for most of the way).

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    • I guess it would also work for bus journeys. And trains, too!

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