FG Video Itinerary: Where to Eat on A Munich Family Vacation


Munich, in Southern Germany, is an extremely family friendly vacation destination. In particular, you’ll find  dining options that will keep parents and kids happy and well fed—and without denting your wallet too much. There are large, casual beer gardens in most of the public parks with playgrounds right nearby. Your kids can nibble on “bretzie” and roast chicken in between trips down the slide while you nurse a Helles beer, served in a real glass. (Be sure to return the glass along with those plastic coins you get with it to get your 2-Euro deposit back).

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Some of the places mentioned in this FG Travel Itinerary:

0:00 The Alte Botanischer Garten is centrally located and has a shady, laid back playground. The nearby beer garden gets a nice lunchtime mix of tourists and local families and business people.

 0:41 Chinesicher Turm in Englisher Garten is one of the biggest and best beer gardens in Munich. There is a sizable casual restaurant with local specialties. During the summer you might catch a live oompah band. There are play areas in the beer garden and nearby in the park. Plus an old-fashioned carousel (2 euros a ride).

2:40 The ViktualienMarkt near the MarianPlatz is a combination farmer’s market and food court. Stop by the sausage, sandwich or fish stalls for a casual lunch, pick up a pint of berries at the produce stands, then treat your kids to an amazing variety of pillowy Turkish delight (my 3-year-old likes the pink ones).  Before you leave, pick up some local honey, jam or pear liquor to bring home as a souvenir.

4:09 Germans love their coffee and cake, both for breakfast and in the afternoon. The best cakes use seasonal fruit, marzipan and hazelnuts. Do like the Munchners and take a 4:00 break with a slice of poppy seed schnitten or a linzer torte at Segl Baeckerei & Konditorei near the Dom Platz.

4:57 The Carousel in Englisher Garten will keep your kids busy while you nurse your second radler after lunch.

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  1. walkingon travels
    September 30, 2011 at 12:37 pm — Reply

    The picture of the pretzels had my mouth watering. We have a German bakery that just opened up down the street and they make the best pretzels in town. My 2 year old can’t get enough and neither can I. The cakes are delicious too!

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