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3 Reasons To Try A Home Swap Vacation

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I had always wanted to visit London but things were always getting in my way. particularly the notoriously high costs of the city’s restaurants and hotels. Then I went to work for a home exchange website and needed to try out our service, which gave me the nudge I needed to visit this pricey city with my 7- and 9-year-olds. (Also read about visiting London’s Royal Palaces with Kids.)

Trading homes had plenty of upsides and the inconveniences were small. Here’s our experience doing a house swap in London.

Three Advantages To Doing A Home Exchange Holiday

Email & Skype Will Put You At Ease

london parkDespite my desire to like the idea of a home swap, I was nervous about handing my home over to strangers while moving in to their home on the other side of Europe. But the Internet is a great tool for closing up distances. I found a home I was interested in, where there was mutual interest. And we began chatting by email and skype, which did a lot to put my mind at ease.

The other homeowners were very helpful and readily answered specific questions about the house and neighborhood and more general questions about tackling giant London with kids. I tried to do the same about Barcelona and my home there.

You Can Make Yourself at Home

Before I knew it, voila! We set dates and made an agreement and my kids and I were off to London!! Getting from point A to point B with kids can be exhausting, but once we arrived we all relaxed quite easily into our home away from home. The kids ran off to find the toys and I was able to put my feet up and read over all the advice and recommendations my home swap partner left for me.

Get the Local Scoop on Your Destination

UK natural historyOn our first day we went to The Natural History Museum (free!), by far  my kid’s favorite excursion of the trip. It is incredible and I highly recommend the Dinosaur exhibit with its fantastic interactive skeletons. My son now considers himself a dinosaur genius!

After too much excitement we made our way to Harrods. The famous department store is enormous and has absolutely everything you could ever dream of. Beware the Toy Kingdom on the third floor; your children will go mental, but it is so worth it. The only way I could get mine to leave peacefully was by luring them to the YooMoo frozen yogurt store one floor up. The menu offers some two dozen toppings and shakes in flavors like Chunky Monkey. It was the perfect end to a fun filled day.

Have an audience with the Queen...sort of.

On our second day of being total tourists we took a ride on the London Eye and visited the original Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (left) and the London Tower. Thanks to advice from our home swap partner, we managed to avoid lines at every single venue! And it was a lot easier to plunk down the steep admission fees (nearly $25 or more per person at each venue) knowing I wouldn’t face a sky-high hotel bill at the end of the trip.

A Relaxing Family Getaway

I will tell you something else: There is nothing more comforting after a long, busy day of sightseeing than arriving back at a real home. I would put the kids to bed, pop open a well-deserved bottle of wine and flop down on a couch in my PJs. It was also nice to choose take-out or to cook some easy pasta dish if we were done eating in restaurants for the day.

For once I actually returned from a holiday feeling relaxed and satisfied that my children also had a great time.  I’m a total convert and am already thinking about our next house swap.

Planning a trip to London or the U.K.? Check out rates and reviews for London attractions and hotels on *Trip Advisor. Compare hotel rates on *Hotels Combined. Look for vacation home rentals on *HomeAway or try a house swap with *LoveHomeSwap.

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A house swap can make travel to pricey destinations much more affordable for families who live in desirable locales. Here are 3 reasons to try a home exchange for your next vacation. #families #homeswap #travel #vacation

Penelope Hobbs works for Knok, a platform that helps people find a home exchange for their holidays.

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