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6 Adventure Tours With Your Teens

Parents often wonder about taking their kids on trips that are off the beaten track.. But it’s more doable than you might expect, especially with teens, and the life experience is worth the tougher traveling.

Group Tours

Group tours are one way to make adventurous locales more manageable. Forget your images of tourists in pastel Bermuda shorts pouring out of buses into Tchotchke shops. These days, tour groups come in many shapes and sizes (including many just for families).

Teens and tweens can you help you choose a tour that matches your family’s interests in things like outdoor activities, culture, cooking, sports or history. Plus, you’ll spend your trip with a diverse group of people who share your interests (and there might be other teens for yours to hang out with).

Steve Juba, this week’s guest blogger, organizes small-group trips for amateur photographers. “I try to create unique travel experiences that combine off-the-beaten-path and must-do attractions,” he says, all with an eye on bringing back great shots. Fittingly, his blog is a collection of photos of some of his favorite destinations. They include sites and discoveries that parents and kids alike can appreciate and show you why it is worth it to seek out the road less traveled once in a while.

Colorado Rockies: Aspen Steak

The Colorado Rockies are perfect for outdoor lovers. The club hiked here in 2012 and came away with nice shots of the Aspen trees turning yellow in late summer.

South Africa: Dead Tree Dawn

Safaris in South Africa aren’t just about the amazing animals. Inspiring sunrises like this one in Entabeni Game Park made our photo lovers glad they’d made the trek.

California: Fire Knobs

Northern California has so many hidden treasures like this one, an abandoned 1950’s fire truck the travel club came across near a secluded lake.

Egypt: Fire Sky at the White Desert

Egypt is magic and this photo shows why. On a photo tour to Egypt, our group captured many awesome sunsets like this in the middle of the beautiful white desert.

Tanzania: Hungry Hippo

Taking photographs like this in Tanzania is way more fun than the board game! The group got to see more than 30 hippos hanging out in a small pool in the Serengeti!

Hawaii: The Tree Swing

One of our favorite trees in the world! This photo is of some club members behind an incredible palm tree on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Which of these photos would you like to have taken? What exotic destination tops your family’s bucket list?  What’s the most adventurous trip you’ve taken with your kids? Tell us!

Steve Juba is the founder of PhotoFly Travel Club, which emphasizes culturally authentic, small-group tours, often using smaller vehicles that can access places tours buses can’t. Mexico, Kenya and India are the next stops on the club’s wild travel ride with more trips each month. 

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  1. July 29, 2013 at 10:41 pm — Reply

    I love the Colorado Rockies. We used to go camping when I was a kid and I loved the mountains of Colorado. My favorite trees are the Aspen trees, very beautiful.

  2. Mary {The World Is A Book}
    July 16, 2013 at 6:55 pm — Reply

    I would love to go in any of these tours but have always been drawn to an African safari. Thanks for these great suggestions. Beautiful photos.

  3. Sophie
    July 14, 2013 at 3:10 pm — Reply

    Africa is such a wonderful continent, and Both South Africa and Egypt are exciting countries to explore – for children and teens, too.

  4. budget jan
    July 12, 2013 at 11:00 pm — Reply

    Those photos are enough to make anyone want to pack their bags and go looking for adventure.

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