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MOMtravelChat: Connecticut Family Fun

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Here is a recap of last night’s premier FamiliesGo! Twitter party. We had lots of energetic participants who asked good questions and shares great advice and we welcomed special guest, Visit Connecticut.

mystic viewConnecticut Family Fun

We talked about our favorite family destinations in the nutmeg state and learned about some gems that were new to us.

The New England Air Museum and Yale Peabody Museum for “dinosaur-loving kids” are two museums we didn’t know before but plan to visit. Mystic Seaport (right), and Mystic Aquarium and the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford were popular suggestions for mixing education and fun.  girlgumption suggested a Connecticut-museum road trip, “that’ll be great for learning!”

mystic pizza cropFor straight-up fun, parents suggested Kidcity in Middletown for under-8s and Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol for kids older than that. The folks at CTVisit reminded us that the movie Mystic Pizza was inspired by a real Mystic, CT pizza shop.

Connecticut has lots of summer festivals and AnujaDeSilva says she “Loved the Westport Arts festival! My 16 month-old drew with chalk for the 1st time. Older kids there did crafts.”

Should you need a weekend away from the kids, Visit Connecticut and several seemingly relaxed parents recommended the Bee & Thistle Inn in Old Lyme.

Real Mom Travel Advice

We also discussed family travel in general and shared ideas for where and how to travel with kids.

Several parents agreed vacation rentals can save a lot of money and make travel easy, especially for for bigger families or groups traveling together, and for parents who don’t mind cooking on vacation.

snow white and princeBut several moms noted that the amenities at hotels helped them to relax and feel more like they were on vacation. “I love having breakfast made for me every morning when I’m staying at a hotel, noted mommaof4girlies

Several parents had trips that were more fun than they expected, especially long road trips, first travels with extended family and trips to kid-centered places like Disney World (right) and Universal Studios. AnujaDeSilva put things in perspective when she said every trip so far has been more fun than expected, “Because I expect the worst with the little one and so far it has been great!”

Family Travel Advice for the Kate & William

Traveling is very different once you have kids, even if you happen to be a prince and duchess. Several seasoned parents shared their best travel tips for George and his royal mum and dad. It’s excellent advice for us commoners, too.

mommaof4girlies reminded them to have fun and enjoy the moments. martiferg offered some encouragement, “As hard as traveling at a certain stage is, the kids do get older; it gets easier.”

Several parents urged them to hit the road as soon as possible. Traveling with a baby is “So much easier than traveling with a toddler!” cautions Iowagalatheart.

Practical advice included packing extra “everything,” making sure car seats are fastened properly and “leave early or leave in the middle of the night.” lorikeet8 noted,  “Breastfeeding has definitely helped us during travel because food for baby is always available and ready!”

Because traveling with kids requires a sense of humor, there was some tongue-in-cheek advice, too. kjmaje suggested they “bring along members of the royal family to help out!” LianneAndEric suggested, “Bring ALL your security people and make them carry diaper bags and car seats and strollers.”  TheeJuliette reminded them, “Don’t forget a souvenir for Grandmama.”

Do you suppose the Queen likes a good snow globe?


Share Your Wanderlust

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