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MOMtravelchat: Labor Day Travel Ideas

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We had our second #MOMtravelchat on Twitter last night. We talked about favorite summer travel moments, Labor Day Weekend getaway ideas and lessons learned from this summer’s trips for next year.

Labor Day Getaways

 Plenty of people had ideas for quick Labor Day getaways. AnujaDeSilva recommended a boat trip around the Thimble Islands, off the coast of Connecticut for an unusual day trip from NYC and parts of upstate New York and New England.

karen_dawkins takes advantage of North Carolina’s warm weather. She keep the summer going through Labor Day and into the school year with weekend beach trips. “We hang on to summer as long as we can,” she also recommends Hilton Head (below) in South Carolina  “hands down” for an easy, quick getaway.

Lake Michigan is a great Labor Day destinationMidwesterner AndreaGuthmann uses Labor Day for one last trip to Northern Michigan’s Lower Peninsula (left), about 5 hours from Chicago. “Here in the Midwest it starts getting colder soon. Time to make our last escape!”

The Finger Lakes, and Niagara Falls were at the top of people’s wish lists for quick getaways from the US and Canada.  Several parents recommended a boat tour of the Thousand Islands with even very small kids. But they agreed with JayPakMan who “Wouldn’t recommend Boldt Castle (above) for little ones” after visiting with a 10-month-old.

Many families will keep it simple with daytrips to nearby beaches, state parks, zoos, water parks or amusement parks.

Fear of Traveling With Kids

 mommatoamelia said she was nervous about traveling with her tot and wondered if she should wait until the baby is older.  We urged her to go for it: “Don’t be afraid…Worst that can happen is meltdown, which can happen if you aren’t on a plane.”   AnujaDeSilva Agreed. “We did California at 9 months, Florida at 10 months and Paris at 13 months. Weren’t all easy but worth getting through.”

girlgumption suggested getting toddlers ready for flying by telling them as much as you can ahead of time. “Watch videos about air travel, read books. We took the kids for tour Albany airport before trip.”

 Our Tweeters Best Roadtrip Tips

Kids can be patriotic on labor dayOur Tweeters best and worst travel moments often happened in the car. Best include MelissaAlain’s kids sleeping for most of a 5-hour drive to Toronto.  (Hint: Tweeters say to drive during nap time whenever possible).

Worst moments included soothing carsick kids and getting stuck in traffic on drives that were already long. Some parents use apps like Google Maps and Beat the Traffic to avoid tie-ups when they can.

Parents offered the reliable standbys for keeping kids amused in the car – videos, travel games and snacks. But  karen_dawkins had a great idea. She said, “We play scavenger hunt. Kids must find items and photograph them as proof. First to get 5 wins round one.”

We suggested packing extra clothes for mom and dad when traveling with very little kids. Other parents agreed. Between cleaning up that carsick toddler and having a baby with sticky fingers climb into your lap in a restaurant, your clothes go through a lot more.

LindseyMDaly always brings a ball for burning off energy at rest stops. sweetmatcha has found a portable potty very handy! And don’t forget diapers!  S_thirtymommy said that her worst summer travel moment was “Pulling over on the shoulder to change baby to find that we forgot diapers.”

 hilton head beach is popular for Labor DayBest Memories

 Most parents’ best memories involved firsts: a baby’s first trip to the zoo or beach, a family’s first trip to Disneyland, and first plane trips.

Parents also bragged (rightly) about the rewards of watching their kids step up to the challenges of travel by handling a long flight, a foreign environment or new food really well.

L_A_Allen observed, “My autistic sons had more patience than some adults on the plane. Kids can surprise you sometimes!”

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