12 Cool Tech Gadgets For Family Travel

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Updated July 2017

Technology can make your life easier when you travel, or it can just be more stuff to carry and keep track of. And the last thing you need when traveling with kids is more stuff to carry and keep track of.  No matter where you are headed, here are 12 tech gadgets that are worth schlepping—and might even help you schlep less.

12 Tech Gadgets

karma is handy tech gadget for wifi when traveling

1. We like the Karma wifi hotspot because it’s small enough to pop in your purse and its receptions is getting better . What is most attractive is that you can you buy a block of data rather than getting a monthly bill for something you only use when traveling.  It has often saved me from having to pay for pricey hotel wi-fi and from using my phone as a hot spot, which can rack up huge data charges. Pay $10 for 1 GB rate or $40 for 5 GBs, which you can do quite a bit with. The downsides: It doesn’t work outside the U.S. yet. And if you lose it, as I have, there’s no way to track it.

The Griffin Griffin Tech Skyview Tech Mount for your tablet

2. You’ll want the Griffin Tech Skyview Table Mount if you’ve ever handed your child your table to let them watch a video only to get it back kind of smudgy. You’ll also want it if you’ve ever gotten a kink in your neck from looking down at your table for a 2-hour movie? It attaches to your folded airplane tray to turn your tablet into a screen.

a cord that charges different electronic devices at once is handy for family travel.3. I recently got a multi-charging cable at a trade show and I really love it. I can charge my iPhone my daughter’s old Tablet and a laptop at the same time from one cord despite their different connections.

jackery is small and handy for charging your tech gadgets

4. A reader recommended the Jackery line of chargers and we like how powerful they are relative to other chargers of similar size. The sleek pocketsize Mini recharges a range of devices with 2,600 mAh of power. The Giant and Giant Plus recharge 2 devices at a time. The Leaf case protects your phone while extending its battery life.

5. The SnowLizard Xtreme phone case is designed in a way only gadget-loving guys would find cool. But if you’re heading outdoors and need to protect your phone from during very rugged family vacations, this watertight, battery-extending case is for you. They even have a solar-powered version!

soundpockets earbuds case is a tech gadget for your phone


6. The Soundpockets case is for your tween and teen for sure, but you might want to borrow it. This case comes with a built in space on the back to store your earbuds tangle-free.

Nyne-Mini blue tooth speaker is a great tech gadget for traveling with your music

7. Nyne portable blue tooth speaker: These speakers  come in a range of sizes and a new water resistant style. They’re easy to carry to the beach, the park and vacation home stays. Bring them anywhere you want to listen to your mp3 files without that tinny smart phone sound.

8. The Nikon Coolpix AW120 and S810c cameras are not in everyone’s budget, but man do they do it all. Both shoot photos and video and are wifi enabled. The AW120 is waterproof, shoots in slowmotion, and has a wide-angle lens and technology to stabilize your shots in bumpy conditions. The S810c is like a camera glued onto an android device. Download apps and games, check your email, find your way with the GPS…oh and take photos.

the vtech kidizoom is a good starter camera for kids9. Not quite ready to buy your kid a GoPro, or hand her your camera? Conside a KidiZoom action camera from VTech. It comes with a waterproof case, rechargeable battery and two mountings for bikes and skateboards, but no headmount, which kids might want for travel. But it’s an easy and durable starter camera for the 5-8YO set.

IF Really Tiny Book Light is a smart tech gadget for reading in hotel rooms

10. Wow, could we use this Really Tiny Book Light from If! It’s perfect for those times when you want to stay up and read but your kids are sleeping in the hotel bed or crib 2 feet from yours. There’s even a model that clips to e-readers.

How Sar Portable Door Lock is a low-tech gadget for hotel security

11. There was that night we spent at an inexpensive hotel with outdoor corridors where the room’s door lock was pretty mediocre. I would have slept more soundly if I’d had this How Sar Portable Door Lock with me. It’s light, compact and versatile. While it’s not for sale in the US yet, the company will ship.

12. I’m intrigued by the luggage tracking technology hitting the market these days. TrakDot and Lugloc both promise real-time tracking around the world. I’d love to hear from folks who have tried them.

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12 tech gadgets that are handy for moms. dads and kids while on a family vacation

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