MOMtravelChat: Our Moms’ Top Florida Favorites

So many of our party goers live in or love to visit Florida, we had a special guest, Visit Florida, for our April #MOMTravelchat Twitter party. We had a lively exchange of favorite Sunshine state destinations with kids.

Here’s what you missed:

What’s New At Florida Theme Parks

Hogwarts Express at UORVisitFlorida gave us the scoop on what’s new at the state’s many stat-of-the-art theme parks this summer. For starters, an expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens this summer at ‪UniversalORL that will include the Hogwarts Express, Diagon Alley and a ride based on Harry’s wild-ride escape from Gringott’s (eek!).

In ‪@VisitTampaBay, ‪@BuschGardens is putting the final touches on Falcon’s Fury, a free-fall ride where passengers are faced down (double eek!). Meanwhile, ‪@SeaWorld is celebrating 50 years with A Sea of Surprises throughout the year! For the water park fans, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls opens at Aquatica Orlando at ‪@SeaWorld. It’s a spiraled water slide where you stand on a platform and drop in (eek! Again).

Finally, VisitFlorida, says, “Our friends at ‪@WaltDisneyWorld will be completing the expansion of New Fantasyland with the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.” Here’s a preview of it.

If you are heading to Florida and to the theme parks, check the VisitFlorida website on Tuesdays for chances to win attraction tickets!

Florida Beaches

st. george islandThe Sunshine State has a lot of beaches, but to an outsider the choice can be overwhelming. Which ones are nice, which are family oriented and which are Spring Break magnets or better for a child-free getaway?

‪@Clarissa_xplain says, “ Daytona beach is always a fun place to visit. Great beach town and awesome racing!” ‪lovernsavers adds, “Don’t forget about the other parts of Florida – sugar sand beaches at ‪@StGeorgeIsland.”

Several parents recommend Pensicola while TravelAccStore says, “My fave beach in FL is Clearwater beach. Miles of gorgeous sand!”

If you can’t choose between Disney vacation and a beach getaway, split the difference. ‪@Clarissa_xplain says, “I love Disney’s resort at Vero Beach!”

For more help, VisitFlorida recommends following ‪@VFBeachInsider or checking out the robust beach information on its website.

Elsewhere in the Sunshine State

ModernDayMoms said “St. Augustine is one of my favorite places to visit. Just visited (and) stayed at ‪@CasaMonicaHotel. Casa Monica was built in 1888; very old-world chic, but it does have a pool! Clarissa_xplain also said, “I love going to St. Augustine; so much history there.” And VisitFlorida noted that St. Augustine has “some great shopping!”  

Lowery ZooFor very family friendly vacations, ‪ModernDayMoms says, “We have some amazing state parks.” And ‪Clarissa_xplain says, “We love going to the ‪@LowryParkZoo, my family’s favorite!” It’s one of the top zoos in the country, too. She also recommends The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg and the Kennedy Space Center. “We have seen a shuttle go off into space!”


‏‪ Where Does Gatorade Come From?

Regaling us with Sunshine State trivia, ‪@CoolMomBUZZ offered this fun fact:  “Gatorade was named for the University of Florida Gators where the drink was first developed. VisitFlorida confirmed, “Gatorade was indeed invented at ‪@UFlorida in ‪@Gainesville; they have a sign about it near the stadium.”


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