10 Fun Travel Toys For Tots to 10-Year-Olds

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Summer travel season is on the horizon. So we headed to the TTPM showcase to track down the hot summer toys that will help you get from point A to point B this summer. Here’s what we found:

VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone are fun travel toys for toddlers

1. VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone: Simple enough to satisfy toddlers who want to imitate mom and dad, but with games and music that will keep kids interested after they’ve outgrown simpler toy phones.

Best for: Ages 1 to 4.

Creators are fun travel toys or Lego fans

2. Lego Creators: I think Lego has heard parents’ frustrations with kits that do only one thing. Their response is this series of animals, vehicles and houses that can each become 3 different things. Small enough to take on the go, too!

Best for: Any kid who like Legos.

Hedstrom Sensory Staxx is a fun travel toy for babies

hedstrom fun cube is a great travel toy or babies and toddlers

3. 2 from Hedstrom: I like these Sensory Staxx that give very little ones something to safely grab, squeeze, gum and maybe even build with. The Fun Cube opens out flat and breaks into puzzle pieces for 2 kinds of tray-table or restaurant play. You can easily fit either toy in a carry-on, diaper bag or backpack.

Best for: Under 2s.

Crayola Grab N Go Games and handy travel toys for vacation homes or visiting grandma

4. 2 from Crayola: We love these Grab N Go Games that give kids chalk they can use to draw a simple game alongside equipment to play with. Perfect for grandma’s, that vacation rental, or a park break on a city getaway.

Best for: 6 to 10

Crayola Color Wonder pads are handy travel toys for kids who are messy with markers

The markers in these portable kits only work on Color Wonder pads, which means kids can color on the go without getting marker stains on clothes, tablecloths, hands and who knows what else.

Best for: 4 and under

LeapFrog Leap Bands are ideal travel toys to keep kids active

5. Leap Frog LeapBand: Parents who like Leap Frog will appreciate the portability of this wrist-size game that gives kids digital pets. Let them feed their pets and play games on the related app (Android of Ios) when they’re stuck sitting. More active games the pets encourage can get ya-yas out during layovers and at rest stops.

Best for:  Ages 6 to 10

Crashlings are inexpensive travel toys that will keep little hands busy

6. Crashlings: I’m wary of travel toys that have a lot of small parts, but I also love inexpensive toys you can buy right before you go away to surprise your kids with in the car or plane. I can see these little balls with monsters hidden inside keeping little kids occupied for a while. The Planet Fun website suggests games to play with them.

Best for: Ages 3 to 6

Mega Bloks Build and Splash is a good travel toy for a beach vacation

7. Mega Bloks Build and Splash: Listed as a bath toy, it’s even better for the beach. Babies and Toddlers will like grabbing these large blocks in lots of interesting shapes. When they’re ready, build the blocks into a cool water or sand funnel. When you’re done, the carry-all will drain out the water and sand.

Best for: Babies through age 3.

 Turbo Tubes are fun travel toys for Hot Wheels fans

8. Hot Wheels Turbo Tubes: Pop these carry tubes into your child’s backpack or your carry-on. They can put the cars together in transit and have a toy to get on the floor and play with at your destination. Cool.

Best for: Ages 5 to 8.

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