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#wkendtravelinspirationThis is an exciting week at FamiliesGo! We’re joining with some wonderful globetrotting travel writers to launch Weekend Travel Inspiration, a collection of content that is meant to give you travel ideas to dream about and maybe even plan a trip around.

This is the perfect week to launch this feature. In the throes of winter, tourism folks from around the world come to New York City to meet with travel media and tell us what’s new at their destination. I  come back from each meeting with a different plan for our summer vacation.

We hope this will be a place where our readers share their own inspiration and travel ideas and we hope you’ll visit our fabulous partners below.

Your Inspiration: 

What destinations have you been to with your kids?  What did you think?

What kin of travel do you do with your family?

How is that different from how you traveled before?

What new things have you tried and what did you like?

Where are you planning to travel this year and why?

We want to hear from you.

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Our Partners:

AlbomAdventures –  Rhonda with her husband and two daughters, American expats,  are currently living in New Zealand, but take advantage of every break they have to gallivant the world.

ContentedTraveller – Paula and Gordon are a little left of mainstream travel.They like houseboats, tatami mats, cave houses, over water bungalows  and traveling their own way. They believe that “It’s all about serendipity.”

malaysia meandersMalaysia Meanders – Michele and her family are getting reacquainted with the USA after returning from expat life in Malaysia. She introduces her three kids to adventures around the globe, one little trip at a time.

reflection on routeReflectionsOnRoute — Corinne and Jim, an American couple living in Germany, are taking advantage of living in the center of Europe. They take weekend jaunts to as many new cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and other historical treasures visiting  as they can.

– Rachel, a Kenyan native, writes about her home country and all that it has to offer, which is a lot more than beaches and animals.


Share Your Wanderlust

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