The 10 Best Craft Kits For Travel With Kids

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Nothing keeps my kid occupied like good craft kits. Get her involved in designing, cutting, pasting, painting and glittering and an hour or two can roll by. So I love finding crafts she can do in the car, on the plane, at the vacation house on a rainy day or in that hour before dinner when I need a little downtime.

Of course, not all craft projects travel well. Here are 10 products that do, and that will appeal to several ages.

1. Mess-Free Glitter

alex toys sparkly glitter craft kitsYes, that’s what I said, kits that keep the shiny stuff contained in clever ways. Alex Toys offer Sparkly Sticker Pictures, which create layered pictures with glittery details. Melissa & Doug have expanded their line of Mess-Free Glitter to include stand-alone stickers, create-a-scene packs and crafts like bracelets. Peaceable Kingdom’s Foil Art kits also include stand-alone stickers as well as paper dolls and jewelry.
Price: $5-$15
Age: 5-7.

Art Pads

Alex scribble pad2. Littler artists will love Alex’s gender-neutral Scribble & Doodle on the Go, with pictures to color and add stickers to. It’s a little big, and it’s BYOC (bring your own crayons), but I think kids can get enough mileage out of it to make it worth it. (Here are some travel crayon ideas). Maybe next year they’ll make a travel size.
Age: 3-5
Price: $10

P'Kolino Art Journal3. P’Kolino and The Piggy Story have cute and compact cases that hold colored pencils, markers or crayons and a pad. Sometimes that’s all you need.
Age: 5-8
Price: $13-$20 

Compact Kits

Melissa & Doug on the go string art craft kits4. I really like Melissa & Doug’s On The Go Crafts, including String Art and Clay Creations. They are compact and self-contained, and you can make cool things with some of them.
Age: 5-9
Price: $7

cat's cradle book by Klutz5. . Klutz’s Cat’s Cradle will keep one kid busy but two kids even busier. It’s Clay Charm kit is one of the better jewelry kits I’ve come across. I love how Klutz packs everything you need into the accompanying instruction book.
Age: 8-11
Price: $10-$20

crayola color wonder magic light up stamp set craft kit

Mess-Free Crafts

6. I was quite ready to write off Crayola’s Color Wonder Mess Free Light Up Stamper as gimmicky. But when I saw a demo I had to admit it was cool. Your tot can do art at grandma’s or a vacation rental without you having to worry about crayon on the walls or marker on the couch. Smaller Color Wonder products fall in the $5-$15 range work better for cars, planes and restaurants.
Age: 2-5
Price: $25

Cloth and String 

Keep in mind these will require scissors, which might or might not be included. If you’re flying choose a TSA-approved pair or have your child do her measuring and cutting at home.

alex Sew silly purse kit craft kit7. While Alex Toys has a wide range of these kits I think the best for travel are smaller items like Sew Silly and Simple Needlepoint, or the Super Embroidery Kit, which comes with its own tote bag.

Bungee Jewelry craft kit

8. Meanhile, Klutz offers the tried and true Friendship Bracelets kit as well as quirkier kits like Finger Knitting, and Pom Pom animals and monsters. And Creativity for Kids offers Bungee Jewelry making.
Age: 7-12
Price: $10 -$30

Put It Together, Then Play With It

Peaceable Playworld sticker kit9. Younger kids will go for Peaceable Kingdom’s Sticker Playworlds including an airport, dinosaur, space, mermaid and fire station themes. With Creativity for Kids’ My First Felt Safari, your little one can make his own menagerie and then play zoo.
Age: 3-7
Price: $5-$16

klutz flying dragons craft book

Decorate Your Own Sunnies craft kit10. Girls can use Creativity For Kids’ Decorate Your Own Sunnies on the way to the beach and use them when they get there. Kid can assemble the creations in Klutz’s make your own Planes, Dragons and Straw Shooter kits en route, then have some thing to play with when you arrive at your destination.
Age: 7-12
Price: $12- $20  

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