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MOMtravelchat Reveals Dads’ Travel Style

cat jordan DCDo Dads plan vacations differently than moms? What can’t they live without when they travel and how is it they can pack so darn fast! We asked these questions and more at our June MOMtravelchat Twitter party, where we had more than 30 partygoers, more than 900 tweets and 37 photos.

With Father’s Day in mind we gave away 4 tickets to Ramblewild Adventure Park in the Berkshires, and a pair of men’s travel trousers from Bluff Works. For a kid who joins his or her dad on big adventures we gave away a VTech Kidizoom Actioncam.

Here’s what we learned about Dads and Travel, according to our #MOMtravelchat moms:

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Q1 – Who plans the vacation in your home?

At the top of the hour all you moms agreed that you handle all the planning details of the vacation. “He drives, I do everything else. That’s Okay,” said one of you.

You were evenly split between choosing a destination on your own and deciding together with your spouse. A few of you said you choose a destination as a family, but many agreed that the parents choose the trip and the kids are, “along for the ride.” (Remember we have lots of trip ideas in our Places to Go section.)

dowellnichole beach

toddlers on tour Tropical Spice Garden PenangQ2 – What’s hubbie’s/dad’s role on vacation?

Dad, you are the main the driver! And Sherpa.

SBmomKP aquariumYou moms are evenly split in designating who packs the car, navigates and keeps track of the money. Dad is the “car packer, driver. I am the budgeter, planner. SIRI is the navigator,” said one mom. But another countered, “He is definitely the budgeter and the navigator because I spend like a crazy woman and I always get lost!”

Q3 – Do you and your spouse have the same travel style?

FamiliesGo! feels happy to report some harmonious relationships amongst our followers. Seems most of you have compatible ideas about travel or find the right level of compromise.

danitapia88 disneyQ4 – Our hubbies pack in 10 minutes; does yours?

You were unanimous on this one! Every one said yes. They’re secret: They don’t pack shoes, at least not as many as you do. Also, You moms seem to pack for the kids plus yourself. “It’s easy when you’re just packing yourself. I’m always on duty to pack the 4 kids plus me.”

A few of you pack for your hubby, too, Most leave him to pack his own bag but retain the right to veto his clothing choices—checks with camo, anyone?

Q5. Dads’ go-to products?Chynadoll2love barbados

Your hubbies have the most brand loyalty around sporting goods such as golf equipment and running shoes. They like their cotton and choose comfort over style on vacation with brands like Aeropostale, Nike and Croc. Their personal items – whatever you buy for them.
Portable chargers, cameras, headsets and phones are indispensable to them away from home. One mom pointed out that while the phone keeps her husband tied to his job while he’s away, “At least we get a family holiday.”

danitapia88 NYC LegoQ6.Who’s the family techie?

You FamiliesGo! followers are an impressive techie bunch. Most of you are as or more tech-savvy than your hubbies (but then we knew that didn’t we…) A few moms did admit to asking their kids for help from time to time, though.

Q7. Best vacation dad/hubby ever planned?

Dads tend to plan the “special occasion” trips rather than the standard summer vacation or holiday travel. Some planned grown-ups-only birthday jaunts to London and Paris; others sprung for surprise trips for the family to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or New York City. One dad took his family back to the town where grew up.

There are some really sweet guys out there. We suggested that maybe moms ought to back off and let dad do a bit more trip planning. Several agreed, “They do pretty well!” Still, we somehow doubt that we’ll see a tidal wave of vacations-by-dad just yet.

For any men reading this, Moms love surprises, especially surprises that come with hotel reservations.

Q8. What kind of adventure vacations have you done?

Wow! The Appalachian Trail, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Mount Zion national parks. We want in!

*Thanks to our Twitter Chat moms for the great Dad photos. Feel free to share yours on Twitter with the #MOMtravelchat tag. And share your best dad travel stories below!

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