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5 Fun U.K. Weekend Destinations With Kids

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Once the winter comes, most families are tempted to simply stay at home where it’s cozy and warm and there’s no need to wrap yourself in hats and scarves. Or they flee to the warmer, sunnier climates of southern Europe. But what if you’re going stir crazy at home and don’t have the inclination (or budget) to fly south? There are tons of things to get out and do in the United Kingdom, even in winter. Believe it or not, there are sunny U.K. destinations that are fun, pleasant (if not hot) and great for family weekend getaways all year round.

Check out these five sunny U.K. destinations that will surely provide you with some much-needed sun and maybe even a little warmth. Some are an easy drive from your U.K. base. City-dwelling families or those short on time should consider taking a train or hopping a local flight. Even then, renting a car will make getting around these rural areas much easier and allow you to see more. You’ll appreciate their charm and beauty. And you’ll be reminded how the sun feels on your face.

East Sussex is a sunny UK destinationEast Sussex

Roam around the medieval villages here as well as the breath-taking coastline (left) and countryside. The reason to visit this place during winter is that Eastbourne is located here. Eastbourne is popularly known as Britain’s sunniest town, filled with a palm-tree-lined seafront. You and your loved ones will surely be able to feel the sun’s warmth even in the depths of the winter season.

Isles of Scilly

sunny Pembrokeshire is a nice UK winter getaway.The Isles of Scilly are said to be the warmest place in UK, with an average temperature of 12°C (53°F). The isles are ideal for beach activities and gorgeous views. It’s tempting to take a walk, fly a kite or play in the sand, even on days when you need to bring a heavy sweater along. There are a lot of inns and hotels that can accommodate families.


Pembrokeshire’s south coast (right) is another one of the sunniest areas in UK and has the country’s only coast national park. It’s the perfect place to warm your soul if not your feet. Escape the winter by hiking and cycling, among other activities. You can even have fun basking in the sun (even if you only do it for a short period of time before heading inside for tea).

Cornwall offers beautiful Scenic Weekend getaways in the UK, even in winter


Travel southwards to Cornwall, a county in England that stretches along a peninsula with hundreds of beaches and wild moorland. You’ll recognize it from a host of BBC shows including Doc Martin and Poldark. Escape the humidity if not the chill of winter and have fun at any of the region’s many beaches and exceedingly scenic seaside towns without the summer crowds ruining your photos.


Devon County (top photo) mixes medieval villages, amazing national parks, and sandy beaches. It’s home to five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It also has vibrant towns and historic homes, which you can tour on your own at your leisure. For a family that likes a little bit of everything —plus quite a bit of sun if you’re lucky—this could be an ideal weekend getaway.

Consider any of these five places when you crave sunshine, a warmer breeze or just some fresh salt air during the gray days of winter.

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These 5 weekend destinations offer the chance for families to get outside, hike, enjoy the seaside and scenic towns and even get a little sun—really—in the U.K. in winter


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