Practical Ideas For Kid-Free Couple Time

Our #MOMtravelchat twitter party took on a romantic hue ahead of Valentine’s Day with a focus on parent-only getaways and tips for carving out couple time on family vacations. (Here are couple time ideas from parents who did it.)

All About Finding Parent-Only Time

The Couple-Time Wish List

Several moms said they haven’t taken a couple’s weekend, but would very much like to. One Mom said she is “dying for a getaway. Things have been so crazy here. We so need some fun! (Not that the kids aren’t fun).”

a spa gives parents much-needed couple timeThe wish lists for kid-free getaways includes both cities and destinations that emphasize R&R. One mom says she would like to do “a spa or to a yoga retreat at omega_institute or KripaluCenter. Other are more ambitious, aiming for Santorini and the Greek islands. One adventurous mom said,  “I Would love to travel with my hubby to singapore and enjoy as much food as we can.”

We said we would like to go back to Charleston for the fine restaurants and the leisurely walking tour we didn’t get to when we visited with a nearly 2-year-old. A few moms said they would love to go to NYC for a weekend alone! “I want to see some Broadway!” Another mom admitted, “Kids or no kids, it’s always a good time to go to Disney World!” (read about Disney World Date Nights)

One mom said she and her husband managed to take “A week-long vacation to Mexico!” She added, “[The kids] missed us a lot but were fine. (Not scarred for life I’m sure!).”

Getting Away Close To Home Still Counts

One tip for making a weekend escape happen is to find an appealing retreat close to home so you don’t have to waste too much time traveling and you know you can return quickly if you need to.

one Texan “once went to Galveston; it was relaxing.” A Hudson Valley parent went to Saratoga Springs (below) once and to Woodloch Lodge for a 24-hour getaway. Sometimes 24 hours is all you need to rekindle and recharge. (Read about our 36-hour parents-only weekend in Dutchess County.)

saratoga evening

We went to Montreal for 48 hours when TT was 3 because we could fly there in an hour. A Californian has taken time out to visit Catalina Island, San Diego and Santa Barbara. “I’m very lucky to have so many places close to me.” (Here are 15 Hotels for kids-free weekends).

Sitter Solutions

carnival night owlsThe biggest hurdle to parent getaways or vacation date nights is childcare. We recommended planning a date night at resorts that have  evening kids camps where your children will have their own fun while you’re having yours. Cruises (right: Carnival) are great family getaways for the same reason.

Of course, vacations with extended family provide an opportunity to leave the kids with grandparents or other family members for an evening.

And services are popping up that make it easier for parents to plan a date night on city vacations. UrbanSitter has sitters in Boston, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego. Play spaces like NYC Kids Club offer weekly “pajama parties” where kids play and have dinner while mom and dad dine out, too.

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