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At this month’s #MOMtravelchat we had a lively discussion of parents travel plans, hopes and wishes. And we shared destinations and family travel brands that we like best and tell others about.

We also gave away some great prizes including a Joovy Foocot travel bed, a tablet airplane grip from Griffin Technology, and a fun Maaps illustrated Atlas from They Draw & Travel.

Vacation Planning 

what destinations do families adore? MOMtravelchat knowsOur party goers make great travel plans to places like  Dublin, Ireland; Memphis, Thailand, Curacao and Mexico. sweetmatcha is doing the popular and the exotic with trips to Disney and Hong Kong!  MOMiSHStyleJail  is heading to Washington, D.C. “to see history with the family.” And ginayshen is taking the relaxing route with a Disney Cruise. “We still have toddlers/preschoolers in the house.”

LoriLeal1 said her family is heading to Nashville, Gatlinburg, TN; Seattle and more!” Meanwhile AdventurousMoms “are headed down south – Upstate SC, Savannah, Atlanta and Charleston (right).” Most exotic of all, Travel_Mother  is “Hoping to get to Southeast Asia this year. 3-year-old wants to see Angkor in Cambodia. I want to see Bali and Thailand!”

CoolMomBUZZ noted that top family-friendly travel cities include New York City, San Diego and Orlando. While Destin and Pensacola in Florida, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach and Southern California are the popular family beach destinations, though the Mayan Riviera and exotic Bali got a few votes, too.

Disney World and Hawaii were also top picks, too. MOMiSHStyle pointed out that DisneyAulani is a genius destination because it “ties them all together.”

what makes a mom rave about a hotel? MOMtravelchat knows

Family Bucket Lists

Costa Rica gets strong marks from parents who have been and was high on parents’ wish lists, too.  Travel_Mother said “We’ve been here a year and it is just incredible and SO family-friendly….Monkeys, beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, lizards, hot springs. Tons of fun!”

Others had Finland, Germany, Galapagos, Peru, Alaska and Italy on their bucket lists. girlgumption says she wants to return to France with good reason: “We went there in 2009. It was one of our easiest family vacations. Stayed with family mostly.”

trainmoms said “I want to explore the 50 states and the national parks. Think my boys would LOVE it!” AdventurousMoms endorsed the idea. “We did that with our daughter when she was 11 months; hit 22 states. Amazing fun!”

Favorite Hotels For Families

what hotels do parents love and why? MOMtravelchat knowsFamilies have specific and often underserved needs. So when parents find a brand they like, they tend to be loyal.  When it comes to hotels, we love a pool (indoor and not cold if you aren’t someplace sunny), a real complementary breakfast and a fridge and microwave in the room. Hotels with arcades get extra points from parents with tweens and a playground will earns kudos from parents with kids.

Several parents favor Hampton Inn. justints21 says it’s “affordable with good service” while girlgumption says “HamptonInn is always the same, but predictable is good. Great pools, too.”

BestWesterns in UK get good marks for warm pools (above). And sweetmatcha confesses she likes DoubleTree “For those chocolate chip cookies (above). Every kid’s a fan! Even I am!” Their suite-style rooms don’t hurt either.

Airlines That Give Parents A Lift

what airlines do parents love? MOMtravelchat knowsWhen it comes to airlines TheMomJourneys has simple criteria. She likes “any airline that let’s us sit together!” Jet Blue, Delta, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic got multiple Kudos.

OhLaLaChrissy and Saving4JewelsLike Jet Blue and Virgin Atlantic, respectively, for the same reason. Seatback TVs and good programming means everyone can be entertained without kids commandeering the iPad or fighting over what to watch on the DVD player. MOMiSHStyle says “Southwest is quick, cheap, painless!”

Best Planning Tip

Parents were evenly split between picking a destination or setting a travel first when they began their annual planning. Soon2bewedd had the most novel approach. “We set a budget and then we all write a destination that we want to go to, put it in a Hat and pick 1.”

Continue the discussion below. And be sure to join us for next month’s MOMtravelchat.

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