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During this month’s MOMtravelchat, Visit Wales was our sponsor and featured guest. They answered our questions about traveling with kids in their U.K. country. And they talked about why their country has become  a top destination for both families and adventure travelers (and adventurous families!)

#MOMtravelchat became a trending topic on Twitter that evening. Most of our guests said they learned a lot and that they were more interested in visiting Wales as a result of the party. Here’s what you missed:

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What Our Guests Learned

Parents concurred that Wales made an impression as a very family friendly destination, with lots of natural beauty, culture and history and a wide variety of things to do. “There’s something for everyone and every family,” said one mom.

Bounce Below in WalesSeveral parents said they appreciated learning about particular activities that their families would want to do, like visiting castles, horseback riding, or even zip-lining. Bounce Below, a climbing and trampoline course built in a former mine, intrigued party-goers more than any other activity. “Underground trampolines sound amazing!” Said one mom. Another noted, “I had no clue about all the adventures. I’m really excited to plan (a trip) now.”

Our sponsor pointed out, “Bounce Below made Perez Hilton name Wales the funnest place on earth!”

Literary Adventures in Wales

Parents also enjoyed learning that many popular children’s book characters came to life in Wales, and there are tourist activities built around them. “There are literary adventures all over Wales, Visit Wales shared. “Thomas and Friends in Mid Wales, Alice in the North, and Roald Dahl in the South.”

they love roald dahl in walesAsked which of their favorite characters they would plan a trip around they were very split between Louis Carroll’s Alice, Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant and Willy Wonka (who can resist all that chocolate?) and Thomas the Tank Engine. “My son would say Thomas and

Daughter would say Alice. I couldn’t decide,” said one mom.

Parents who read Dahl’s books themselves—or whose kids read them—were interested to know that this year is Welsh Writer’s 100th birthday. The entire country is hosting special events around it (break out the frobscottle!). Parents with smaller kids loved the possibility of riding the steam trains that inspired the Thomas character. “We are a train – loving family!” one mom exclaimed.

Dining Adventures in Wales

welsh cakes are a sophisticated sweetOne parent asked about typically foods. Visit ‪Wales‪ replied that the country “is currently experiencing a food renaissance. We are known for our lamb, Welsh cakes, Welsh rarebit and so much more!”

They shared a photo of typical Welsh cakes, mildly sweet cross between a scone and a pancake. Several parents agreed they looked tasty. But here at FamiliesGo! we were all about the rarebit. After all, we noted, “What can be bad about beer and cheese?”

Combining Adventures in Wales

Our sponsor pointed out that combining diverse experiences like castles and trains or Dr. Who and surfing is doable because Wales is quite easy to get around. “That is great to know. I love being able to get around easy to see everything!” one parent responded.

surfing adventures in WalesA mom who had been to Wale shared that, “You can surf at a Doctor Who set location with Southern Down Surf School. It’s so much fun and it’s a great surf school!

Another parent stated their ideal itinerary: “Totally going to be Alice in Wonderland, Snowdonia, North Wales and Bounce Below.” Said another,

Parents saw the many castles in Wales  as whole-family pleasers. Mom and Dad can take in some history, while the kids can let their imaginations roam and possibly do some climbing around. “‪At Caerphilly Cadw castle (top) kids can explore dungeons, moats and watch medieval battles!” Visit Wales suggested. One parent responded, “With over 400 castles and a few still intact, I am going to Caernarfon and Dolbadarn castles.”

One parent planning a trip to Wales commented, “I am so ready to go! I was worried because (my child) will only be 7 but there is so much to do!”

What is your biggest question or best memory about Wales? We welcome comments!
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