Top Strollers, Car Seats for Babies Who Travel

Read about flying long distances with a baby.

We recently went out scoping travel products for new moms, particular strollers and car seats for babies whose parents plan to travel a lot. We were amazed at how far stroller and car seat design have evolved since we were using them for Tiny Traveler (who is getting bigger way too quickly!)

Our general rule for airport/train/subway strollers is that you should to be able to close them with one hand and a foot while also holding a squirming child. One of the strollers below is compact and clever enough that it’s worth breaking that rule.

6 Top Baby Travel Products

Here the six products we liked best for traveling parents. The strollers are handy for city dwellers as well.

3 Carry-On Strollers

First up on the clever list is the GB Pockit (above). It probably won’t be your every day stroller. But it’s perfect for air travel and train rides.

Qbit stroller Qbit stroller travel bagIt weighs 9.5 pounds and is just under 12 X 7 X 14 inches when folded. It takes two hands to fold it. But if you have a partner you travel with, one of you could actually bring this on board a plane and tuck it under your seat as your carry-on! No need to gate-check and trust your stroller to the whims of the luggage compartment.

If the Pockit is too basic for you, GB also has Qbit (left), which does indeed offer a one-hand fold, a good size canopy and a seat that reclines a bit. It’s only 21 X 13 inches folded, which will fit in an airplane overhead. It also comes with a travel bag to protect it should you have to gate-check on a crowded flight. It’s a nice compromise between portable and comfortable.

babyzen yoyo travel stroller babyzen yoyo travel strollerBabyZen has the YoYo (right), which seems like an every day stroller that travels well, more than a travel stroller. It’s just bigger than 20 X 17 X 7 inches when folded, so it too could go in some airplane overhead bins. And it also has a travel bag for those times when it doesn’t.

It’s a pricey stroller, but the advantage that makes it worth the cost is that youu can use the seat in a bassinet or upright position, and it can accommodate a car seat, too with separate clips. That adds a step to folding it, but also makes it very easy for parents who want to bring a car seat on an airplane. I would say it’s a stroller that will take you from birth through the preschool years (and on plenty of adventures).

2 Car Seats For Road Trippers

britax boulevard convertible car seatBritax is the gold standard for car seats as far as I’m concerned. The Boulevard is one of a few convertible seats on the market that will take you from newborn through the preschool years with an insert to make the smallest babies smug. Britax’s new feature is its “clicktight,” which makes it easier to parents to ensure that the car seatbelt holding the seat in place is as tight as it should be without digging your need into the seat to push it into place (you know that move).

Clek's Foonf car seatClek's Foonf car seat Clek is a new Canadian company — it does all its manufacturing in North America—that is designing car seat that have the safety featuers you need with a more streamlined—and colorful‑design. The Foonf seat is also meant to take you from newborn through until you’re ready for a booster.

These are heavy seats that you put in the car and leave there; they don’t have a removable bassinet. But knowing you can keep it for three to five years makes it easier to pay for the worthwhile features of a high-end seat. If I were a parent who planned on making a lot of road trips— to family, a weekend home or just travel in general— these are the seats I’d add to my baby registry.

And 1 Stroller That’s Also a Car Seat!

Anyone who flies or takes taxis a lot has to take a good look at Simple Parenting’s Doona carseat-stroller.

Doona is a stroller and a car seat!Yup, that’s what we said. It’s expensive, we must say.  And your child will outgrow it in 15 months or less (they say it goes up to 35 lbs). But the cleverness of this Israeli-made item just might be be worth it for urban parents and frequent travelers.

Imagine buckling your napping child in to his stroller, wheeling him out of a hotel, strapping him in to a taxi, taking him out again, wheeling him through the airport and buckling him into an airplane seat without having to disturb him (yes, there is airport security to deal with, but still).  That’s pretty priceless isn’t it?

Which of these items would you use the most?

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These 6 strollers and car seats are some of the newest and best products for traveling with a baby or toddler. Here is why we think they offer great value and will make it easier to travel with a baby

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  1. Maureen
    June 3, 2016 at 1:32 pm — Reply

    Whoa! I love how compact these are. We have taken the train quite a bit and it is so hard to navigate the trains with the bigger strollers. Thanks for the suggestions!


  2. May 24, 2016 at 9:58 pm — Reply

    It is so hard to know if a pram is right for you until you try it out. There is so much choice out there but the prams you have listed look pretty compact.

    • May 26, 2016 at 1:15 pm — Reply

      it’s true. with compact strollers especially you have to make sure handles are long enough that you aren’t bending over all the time to push. And with all strollers you want to see that you can like the folding/unfolding mechanism.

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