11 Safe Travel Essentials From MOMtravelchat

Allianz Global Travel returned to sponsor a second #MOMtravelchat about safe travel, this one focusing on summer vacations. The travel insurer shared helpful statistics around safe travel, loss, and preventing things from going wrong. And our audience exchanged their biggest concerns and best tips for keeping their homes, family and belonging safe (and healthy) while on vacation.

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Here are the top 11 things we learned about safe travel in the summer and year round.

it's easy to sleep like a baby on vacation when your home is safeKeeping Healthy

1. Illness is the top reason people cancel their vacations, according to Allianz Global Travel.

2. Families try to see their vacations through whenever possible. If someone is not well or weather delays them they will try their best to improvise and keep at least part of the trip in tact.

3. Car-sick family members and diaper malfunctions are most common delays for families on road trips.

Protecting Your Home

4. July and August are the top months for reported burglaries, Allianz reports. Cash is item most frequently stolen in burglaries.

5. While several members of our audience use a home security system, most rely on a family member, friend or neighbor to keep an eye on their house when they are away. Several ask a point person to stop by daily to collect mail, water plants and check on things. Several put lights on timers. They’re interested in wifi-based security devices like cameras.

good planning allows safe travel and plans to come togetherNote: You can arrange online to have the Post Office hold your mail and deliver it when you return.

6. Most of our audience waits until it returns home to post photos and updates on social media. They’re biggest concern about social media is the platform automatically posting their location and signaling to others they are not home.

Keeping Items Safe Away From Home

7. In the last 12 months, Alllianz says, it has received more than 6,000 claims for stolen documents and 10,000 for delayed and lost baggage.

fishing takes your mind off your troubles, safe summer travel8. Several of our moms keep cash and small electronics in the same place throughout their trip to avoid losing track of them. They carry small valuables in a front pocket whenever possible or in a small bag they can keep close to their bodies (or under their clothes). Several rely on a hip pack when they travel, even though they don’t like the way they look. Most rely on hotel safes for securing documents like passports and spare cash.

9. Allianz recommends scanning key documents and putting them on a USB before you leave home. And cleaning out your wallet of items you don’t need on vacation and will be a nuisance to replace, like your gym or library card.

Last Minute Vacation Prep

10. About half of our audience say they buy travel insurance all or some of the time. Most of those that haven’t say they ought think more about it.

Note: It’s possible to buy annual travel insurance policies, so you don’t have to remember one for each individual trip.

11. Most families check the weather at the destination and give their itinerary to a family member. Several update a travel first-aid kit. Not many check on their car’s basics, though they know they should.

Thank you to Bubble Bum, MyBuckleMate, Scooter Peg, Annie’s Organic for offering prizes to our audience.

Thank you to the #MOMtravelchat moms who share their photos with us.


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