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A Fan & His Family Take On The Ninja Turtles

We spent Saturday morning beneath New York City battling evil and loved it.

No, we weren’t on the subway.

Ninja Turtle Time

ninja turtles and their traineesMuch better: The truth is we spent a bodacious morning in a pretend sewer at the amazing Liberty Science Center in New Jersey checkin gout their new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secrets of the Sewer” exhibit. School is out this week. If you are looking for a great summer-break day out with the kids (with air conditioning) then this is it.

Who Should Go?

Great for kids 3 and up to about 10. Ninja Turtle fans will be in sewer heaven, as 4YO son was. But his more mature sister (kindergarten graduate that she is) got caught up all the interactive elements and enjoyed it just as much.

What Will You Do?

kids and their sensei (That’s us parents) can complete team-building challenges like pizza throwing, rope-maze tackling, and solving fun puzzles and conundrums that will tax their turtle brains. The exhibit has everything from physical challenges to mental ones and some sillier games too.

You can even see which Ninja Turtle you are most like by answering a serious of questions (Donatello is my turtle twin, if anyone is interested). My kids loved the speed test to see how many of the pizza lights they could bang in a minute. The Skateboarding game was super fun too.

The Ninja Turtles love their pizza (so do New Yorkers) and so it’s a key part of the exhibit. Pizza fans will love it, but I warn you, it could make you hungry! As part of the media day we got to throw giant pieces of pizza, meet the turtles and try some of their stealth moves too.

Where To See It

The exhibit runs at Liberty Science Center all summer (until September 5). Entry to the Ninja Turtles Exhibit is included in the general admission ticket price and free to members and kids under 2.

Come September the Ninja Turtles hit the road again, visiting at least a dozen other cities through 2020. Find out when it will come to a town near you. In the Fall it’s scheduled to move to Santa Ana, California, Look for stints in Los Angeles, Reading, PA and Rochester, NY in 2017.

liberty science center hosts the nine turtles Note: Most of the exhibit’s venues are well-regarded science or children’s museums. The fact that it’s making longer runs in each place it stops makes it easier to plan ahead and turn a visit into a weekend getaway. This way you can see the exhibit, and the rest of the museum as well, at your leisure.

Liberty Science Center

I want to give a shout out to the amazing Liberty Science Center. An easy drive or train ride across the Hudson from NYC to Jersey City, this 300,000 square foot museum houses some great exhibits. When we finished with the Ninja Turtles, the kids got to build a rat maze in the Eat & Be Eaten room, which they loved. And we could not get them out of a fabulous hanging futuristic climbing maze. I highly recommend a full day; leave time for more than just the Turtles.

I was pretty excited to see that “Bodies Revealed” is also running there this summer. It’s definitely one more for the older kids than for my lot, unfortunately. But it just shows how great this place is for kids of all ages.

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