8 Must-Have Travel Essentials For Mom

I have come across (and also created) endless lists of travel essentials moms need to pack for vacation. and do you know what most of them have in common? They’re lists of things for kids!

What are mom’s travel essentials? Those handy things you always regret not having if you forget them or the clever items you might not think of that come in handy?

Here is our list of eight of those things, all found on This is by no means an exhaustive list—feel free to add your own clever essentials— but it might help you with your own packing for your next trip (after you’ve packed for the kids, of course).

Fun Travel Accessories for Mom

travel essentials include cute flip-flopsTravel Essential #2: Flip flops

I always pack a pair of flip-flops. Of course they’re essential for getting to and from the hotel pool or beach. But I pack them even when we don’t have those amenities. They’re handy house shoes for padding around a hotel room or vacation home and easy to throw on to pop down to the lobby or head to breakfast. Plus, they’re an inexpensive and fun way to update your vacation wardrobe.

travel essentials include a good hoodyTravel Essential #4: A Hoody

For me the perfect hoody is not too heavy and zips up instead of pulling over. It’s just right for airplane air conditioning or those chilly evening breezes at the beach, and it isn’t too bulky to toss in a bag.

travel essentials include a good watchTravel Essential #6: A Watch

I don’t always wear a watch but I really one when I’m traveling and don’t want to miss a plane or tour or the start of a show. I’d rather glance at my wrist then fish my phone out of my bag just to check the hour. If the watch is water resistant so much the better; I can wear it everywhere without a worry. And it’s an easy travel accessory, too.

travel essentials include a lightweight backpackTravel Essential #8: Drawstring Backpack

I often pack a small lightweight bag like this in my suitcase or my larger day bag. They’re handy for so many things, like stashing wet bathing suits or when you’ve done more shopping then you expected. You can bring a small picnic along and fold up the bag when you’re done. At a resort it’s handy to carry book, sunscreen, goggles and hats to the beach so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

travel essentials include a good purseTravel Essential #1:  Wristlet

Particularly when I travel I like having a small purse that holds a money and credit cards, a small camera, phone, hotel key, lipstick. I pack it in my larger bag by day and usually take it solo to dinner in the evening. If it has a pattern that actually makes me a feel a little stylish, all the better.

travel essentials include a cosmetic bagTravel Essential #3: Cosmetic Bag

I like keeping my make-up separate from the rest of my toiletries. Sometimes I want to keep it with me instead of packing it away. And if a tube of something explodes in an airplane luggage bin, at least I don’t have sparkly eye shadow all over everything else. A fun cosmetic bag like this one makes me feel I’m away somewhere exotic, even if I’m just a few hours from home.

travel essentials include a water bottle that fits in a purseTravel Essential #5: Water Bottle

I have a collection of water bottles at home that I rarely use on vacation because they’re to big to fit in even my roomier purses and too heavy to carry around all day once I fill them. So I’ve learned to love small water bottles like this one. I can carry it empty through airport security, then fill it for the plane and it will fit in any day bag I bring on vacation (I can always find places to refill throughout the day). Plus the flowery design like this reminds the kids this is your water bottle.

blue tooth speakerTravel Essential #7: Blue Tooth Speaker

When I’m sitting on a hotel balcony with my afternoon beer or hanging around the beach house helping to get dinner ready, I miss the music I always have playing in the background at home. Playing your favorite iTunes lists directly from your phone is not the best sound experience, so we love a compact speaker like this that fits easily in a suitcase, improves your sound and contributes a vacation motif, too! When you’re heading outside, clip it to your beach bag or backpack.

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We spend lots of time shopping and packing for our kids for trips. We partnered with Zazzle to highlight some fun travel accessories and essential travel items just for mom!

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