Does IntelliGlass Protect Your Phone Screen?

I was asked to review IntelliGlass by IntelliArmor and I admit this was a challenging assignment. I mean, what does the protect coat on your phone do? Not much, it just sits there, right?

Then again, maybe not. I tried it out on my husband’s phone because, maybe like a lot of husbands, he’s harder on his phone than I am. For one thing, his phone lives in the pocket of his trousers, with his keys, change, pocketknife and who know what else scraping against it. Mine, meanwhile, usually lives in a side pocket in my purse that doesn’t hold anything else.

IntelliGlass for iPhonesDoes it Make A Difference?

And you know what, he has noticed a difference. For one thing, it’s the first protective coating that we managed to put on our phone without dreaded air bubbles. It stuck on flat and has stayed flat. No bubbles means no glare and no dust getting underneath. That’s nice.

The IntelliGlass cover also feels harder than the cover on my phone. My husband has noticed that it wipes cleaner than other covers he’s had. Smudge-free glass also reduces glare and improves your phone’s readability for you. He’s noticed enough of a difference to recommend it to other people.

For Kids

This seems especially handy if you are prone to handing your kids your phone on car trips or on planes. It’s bound to come back to you with smudgy kid fingerprints. And being able to easily wipe those off is a nice bonus.

For Moms

IntelliGlass for smart phonesMoreover, moms out there might notice that, especially in the warm weather, the make-up on their cheeks often winds up on their phones. So having a cover that’s a little smudge resistant and wipes clean easily is handy for us, too.

I wanted to see how hard this cover actually was, so I took a coin and a key and scratched them over the surface of the IntelliGlass to see how it held up. And there’s not a trace of any scratches. It seems likely to stand up well to the rigors of my husband’s pockets.

In Short…

We put the cover on an iPhone 5, but IntelliArmor makes it for a wide range of phones, tablets and e-readers. The prices range from $7 to $20. If you’re rough with your phone, travel a lot with it, hand it to your kids often, or keep it in trouser pockets or a purse as full as my husbands, it seems like it might be worth the price.

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intelliglass helps to protect your iPhone or Android screen at home and when you travel.


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