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Ask FamiliesGo!: U.S. Beaches, D.C. Hotels

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This is Ask FamiliesGo!, where we answer our readers’ questions about family travel. We add new questions as our readers pose them, so keep checking back. You can ask your own question with the private contact form down below. Add your own great advice in the comments.

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Where Can We Find Good Hotel Deals in Washington, DC?

I’m searching for advice on a mid-range hotel in Washington DC for me and three kids. We’ll hit museums and the mall. Any ideas? 

‪FamiliesGo! says:

The Westin Georgetown has a pool kids like in Washington, DCOn weekends I have had good luck finding Washington, DC hotel deals *downtown, around Dupont Circle and Foggy bottom, and also across the river in *Arlington. The hotels in these neighborhoods cater to business people during the week and are often under-booked on weekends, even in the summer. I’ve gotten a good rate on the *Westin Georgetown (not actually in Georgetown proper), which has an outdoor pool and the *St. Gregory, which is close to a Metro station and Dupont Circle dining and shops. The latter is a better choice with teens or babies and the former is better with kids and tweens, who will want to swim.

Alexandria is a pretty alternative to staying in Washngton, DCHotels in *Alexandria also have good rates because they are a bit outside the city. The town has plenty of shopping and dining and some sightseeing. You can drive or take the Metro into Washington and water taxis across to the National Harbor. It’s also convenient to Mount Vernon. We stayed at the *Kimpton Lorien Hotel, another option that’s best with babies or teens.


There are a fair number of apartment rentals open on the weekend, too. They tend to be smaller pied de’terres but you might find something that will work if you really just need a place to sleep.

Where Can We Find An Affordable Beach Vacation?

I want to take my twins to the beach for the first time, anywhere within 10 to 12 hours of Newburgh IN is fine. But I’m very restricted on budget. Please let me know any suggestions! 

FamiliesGo! says

Sleeping Bear state park provides plenty of family beach time on Lake MichiganIt’s hard to find budget options on the east coast beaches. Even if you find a reasonable hotel, food and activities can be expensive. But several writers we trust recommended spots on Lake Michigan and Lake Erie that might provide affordable sand and surf.

‪• Nicole Wiltrout, a travel advisor with Ciao Bambino, suggests the ‪ Fire Fly Resort in southwest Michigan. She says, ”Tiny cottages but walking distance to a great beach. Lots to do in that area, too.”

• ‪Jessie Voigts,‪ at Wandering Educators, said “I really love *Saugatuck and the *Traverse City areas in Michigan. Sleeping Bear Dunes are there! You could find something less expensive in Frankfort or Empire. Both are close to Sleeping Bear and have great things to see and do.”

beachfront camping on Kelley's Island.• Chez Chesak,‪ from the Family Travel Association, told us, “We love Kelley’s Island on the Great Lakes in Ohio. It’s not quite as built up as *Put-In-Bay. We camped, so I don’t have hotel recommendations.”

Planning a trip? Check reviews on *Trip Advisor.

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We answer readers' questions on finding an affordable kid-friendly hotel in Washington, DC and where to find affordable beach vacations in the Eastern U.S. #family #travel #tips #Beach #washingtonDC

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