10 Travel Products Moms Need Now

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No matter how much we go away with our kids and what our destination might be, Moms are never completely on vacation. We still spend a lot of time taking care of everyone else and scrambling to take care of ourselves.

So smart shortcuts matter. Anything that let’s us carry less, stay organized and look great more easily leaves more time for the fun stuff. It makes us feel more like we’ve actually gotten away from workaday life.

Here are ten travel hacks from moms and dads who travel a lot. We hope these short-cuts and tricks make your vacation feel more like, well, a vacation.

Ten Travel Items Moms Can’t Live Without 

Staying Organized

travel hacks for moms: This phone case doubles as a wallet.

1. Phone Case: The sturdy and relatively slim *Speck Card Case has a slot in the back that holds cash or cards.

I received a sample in the mail one spring and wondered what I would do with it, but it’s been incredibly handy for times where I don’t want to carry a purse.

For a day at the beach I slip my driver’s license and some cash into that slot. On vacation I tuck my room key into the back to head to the pool or wander around a resort.

2. Charge It!: Writer and mum Jenny Eaves‪ travels with a power bar with outlets and USB ports to get around the shortage of outlets in many hotel rooms.

Everyone’s electronics can be charged at one time and are less likely to be forgotten since they are all in one place.

pop-up hampers pack flat and keep your family hotel room organized.

3. Hotel Room Help: Travel writer and dad Dave Parfitt‪ packs pop-up hampers and over-the-door shoe racks. They both pack flat but unfold to help him keep his hotel or cruise ship room clutter free.

The shoe rack keeps shoes off the floor and is also place to tuck toiletries and small toys and electronics. The hampers keep dirty laundry off the floor and separate from clean clothes. They’re also where he and his wife toss books, toys, hats and other items that get scattered around (and forgotten).

Staying Healthy

4. Easy Bug Spray/Sunscreen: Hate getting your kids to stand still for sunscreen and then stand still longer for bug spray—then having to double-goop yourself, too?

‪Travel writer and parent Jessie Voigts‪ combines these two essentials with am SPF-30, DEET-free spray or pump from BullFrog.

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Looking Good

these shave gel doesn't need water, which is handy for travel

5. Simple Shaving : I received a sample of Busy Beauty’s Showerless Shave Gel, which allows you to shave your legs (and other body parts) without water. I couldn’t imagine why you would need it other than for removing leg hair in the deep wilderness (and how often does that come up?)

But if you find yourself sharing one bathroom with your entire family, it’s helpful to not need that extra long shower time for shaving. I imagine it could also be handy on extended camping or RV trips.

But if you don’t have water to rinse your blade, plan to bring a few disposable razors to go with it.

6.  Shampoo Hack #1: Even if you’re a relatively low-maintenance mom there is still a certain amount of primping that has to happen before you head out for the day.

To save time on vacation some moms bypass blow-drying their hair by carrying dry shampoo from brands like Pantene, Aussie, Batiste or Bed Head. You spray it on your hair and work it through to remove excess oil and add volume back. Just be careful of using too much on your ends; it can dry them out.

bar conditioner is handy for travel because it's lighter than a liquid and it goes in your carry on.

7. Shampoo Hack #2: ‪Travel Writer and former expat Michele Chan-Thomson‪ eschews all those little travel bottles for a solid Shampoo Bar from Lush. “It doesn’t count as a liquid, and it’s much lighter than a bottle containing the same number of washes.”

Go a step further with Beauty and the Bees’ conditioning bar or a shampoo and body bar from Whidbey Island.

‪9. The Dry Skin on Planes Hack: Birchbox recommends donning a nighttime moisturizer before any flight to fight that dry airplane air. I love Origins’ Drink Up Overnight Mask when I want a little extra skin hydration.

9. Make-Up…Faster : Another way to shortcut your morning routine is to pack a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen to combine three steps into one.

Elle magazine likes M.A.C’s Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30, with more sun protection than make-up often carries.

For those long days out when you need more SPF than make-up provides, I just discovered two great brands selling tinted mineral sunscreens for faces.

Cotz, founded by a plastic surgeon, sells a water-resistant SPF 40 sunscreen with a tint that will add a hint of color to fairer complexions and smooth darker ones. I’ve been using it and it doesn’t feel as thick and pasty on your skin as some mineral sunscreens.

Fabric Fresh helps to keep close odor free while you're traveling and going longer between loads of laundry.

I’ll be bringing it on vacation this summer. Babo Organics, whose products you’ve probably bought for your baby, is offering an SPF 30 sunscreen that gives faces a sheer outdoorsy glow.

Babo also sells tinted lip balms with SPF 15 in 4 sun summer colors. I have the plum rose, which is super moisturizing and gives my lips a slight gloss, perfect for beach days and sightseeing.

10. Do Less Laundry: I will go to great lengths to avoid doing laundry on vacation. Three Products that help me put it off or avoid in entirely: Downy Wrinkle Releaser for clothes that are rumpled but clean.

Tide Stain Remover Pen for ice cream dribbles on kids’ clothes. And The Laundress’ Fabric Fresh spray for countering for mild odors.

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These 10 items will help moms to stay organized and spend less time taking care of their families and themselves while on vacation. 10 quick, easy, essential, travel hacks for moms (and dads, too)

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