At A Glance: Winter Ski Vacations With Kids

Do you go skiing with your kids? Do you want to? Are you afraid to? We’re here to help!

Why choose family ski vacations

families who ski together get outdoors together in winter.Family ski vacations are a fun, and give you yet another option for winter break travel. They give you an opportunity to get your kids outdoors and active in winter, which isn’t easy.  And skiing is an activity you can continue to do with your kids as they get older and go through phases where it’s hard to find common travel interests.You can to do it together as you get older, too. My husband no longer wants to ski like a dare devil down black diamond trails (not so great for his back). He’s happy to take it easy and enjoy the scenery on the blues and greens while he skies with Tiny Traveler, who is still learning.

Ski vacations take you to destinations you might not visit otherwise. And if you’re lucky they have other outdoor activities for you and the kids from tubing and ice skating to nordic skiing and snow shoeing. If you don’t ski (I never took to it) it’s OK. You can put your kids in the ski school to learn with other kids, or send them out with the spouse who does ski, and then do other activities on other days.

Where to ski and stay

We always look for a ski resort or town with a range of activities and for a hotel with a pool and hot tub. That afternoon swim and soak after your outdoor activities are over and before heading out to dinner warms you up and eases your muscles for more activity tomorrow. I also like to have a kitchen on ski vacations so we can quickly fix oatmeal and bagels for breakfast and get to the slopes promptly. And so we can make hot cocoa, snacks and even mulled wine after skiing and in the evening.

All our resources for skiing with kids

Here, at a glance, we have all our ski vacation resources in one place. Destination guides, a packing list for ski vacation, tips for a first family ski trip, reviews of ski resort hotels and more. You’ll find more hotel ideas in our Stay section.

Ski Vacations at a Glance

Planning a trip? Check ski resort reviews on *Trip Advisor.

Ready to book? Look for airfare, hotels or packages on *Travelocity.

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All our posts on a family ski vacation in one place. Tips for fun skiing with kids, ski vacation packing lists, hotel and resort reviews, destination guides, off-the-slope activities and more. #skiing #kids #vacation

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