10 Best Gifts For Amateur Photographers

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Taking photos is a big part of being a mom or dad, especially during family vacations. It’s pretty common to upgrade to a better camera when you become a parent so you can capture all those amazing family memories of summer beach getaways, winter skiing, city weekends and more.

Whether the parent you know is a new photography enthusiast or is a seasoned amateur photographer or videographer, you can guarantee they’ll appreciate any gift that helps them take more and better photos while keeping their equipment in top shape.

We’ve put together this handy list of Christmas gifts and treats to help you find the perfect present that your family photography lover will appreciate for years to come!

10 Gift Ideas for Family Photographers

1. LensPacks

lens packs can make the photographer mom feel like a pro. lens packs keep lenses handyLensPacks are a great gift to give to any of your photographer friends this Christmas. Not only are they affordable, they’re also easy to use, making them the ideal present for both amateurs and professionals!

These fantastic camera accessories allow the user to change lenses quickly and easily, so he or she is always ready to capture that perfect shot. Visit *The Case Farm website to browse its full collection of LensPacks.

2. Camera Lens Mug

is it a lens or a coffee mug?Ok, this camera lens mug gift won’t help you take better photos. But it’s fun. And it’s the perfect choice for lovers of both photography and hot drinks. The mug looks so realistic that you may even mistake for a real lens!

You can find this on many online retail websites. However, if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can take advantage of free delivery by buying from *Amazon.

3. Stylish Camera Bag

a good camera back looks good and keeps your organizedA camera bag is essential for keeping your camera secure and scratch-free when you’re traveling, and it can keep extra batteries, cords and memory cards organized and handy. If the camera enthusiast in your life is also fashion conscious, why not give the gift of a stylish camera bag this holiday season!

Accessorize has a wide range of camera bags to suit all tastes and preferences. Have a look at the whole collection for some gift giving inspo!

4. Lacie Rugged External Hard Drive

this hard drive backs up your photos no matter where you are.Backing up your vacation photos is always a good idea. Just in case. The Lacie rugged portable hard drive range is the ideal gift for photographers who like to take to the great outdoors.

This handy gadget boasts up to an enormous 2 terabytes of storage and are designed to survive the toughest conditions, making it perfect for outdoorsy families who like camping, hiking and other adventures in the wild!

5. Full-Size Chocolate Camera

it doesn't take great photos, but it takes good!Yes, you read that correctly, you can now get a full-size chocolate camera! Another item that wont perfect your shot but it’s idea for photographers (or anyone) with a sweet tooth.

As it’s made from luxurious italian chocolate, the recipient gets a a great gift to look at, and it will be tasty, too! Maybe they’ll share.

6.  Custom Leather Camera Strap

a leather camera strap is sturdy, secure and classic.A good camera strap is handy on vacation because it keeps your camera both secure and handy. If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, then a custom leather camera strap might just be the present for you! You can find them on Etsy in a range of styles and finishes to suit your needs.

7. The Case Farm Custom Foam Insert Case

Photography gear is extremely expensive, so it’s best to keep ecameras and accessories protected at all times.

A custom foam insert case from The Case Farm offers the perfect protection for your camera and it’s accessories, making it the perfect gift to give any photography lovers this holiday season.

8. Photography Books

an inspiring photo book for amateursA photography book is a gift that will any lover of good photography will appreciate. The best ones provides inspiration for both great photos and more travel. They might also provide helpful hints and tips that will help the reader perfect his camera technique!

Take a look at this Extraordinary Everyday Photography book on Amazon for some inspiration.

9. Polaroid Zip Instant Photo Printer

This handy little gadget will transport you back in time and let you print polaroids of your photography instantly! So you can start reliving your trip the moment you get home.

The Polaroid photo printer uses bluetooth to print photos directly from a phone or tablet, making it perfect to have on the go.

10. Entry Level Drones

drones take photos and video when you can't.Drones are one of the great inventions of the 21st century. They take awesome aerial photos and video. And better yet, they’re becomeing easier to use and more affordable. This TOZO Q1012 drone is the perfect gadget for beginners as it’s easy to use and durable.

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Great photos are an important part of any family vacation. We have 10 gift ideas for your family photographer. Whether it's mom or dad taking the photos and whether they're is an eager amateur or a near pro, these gift items will say you love the pictures they take of your travels together. #photography #giftideas #travel

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