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Since adding a child to our family we’ve starting thinking more about the car we drive. We need a much tougher, more durable car than when it was just two of us because it gets put through much more than it used to.

Our First Family Car

find the right car for your family's road trip styleWhen we bought our Toyota Matrix right after Tiny Traveler was born we paid attention to safety ratings and bought a four-door car for the first time because we cared about a roomy backseat. That car has survived bouts of car sickness, melted crayons, hundreds of crushed Goldfish crackers, spilled drinks and windows left open in the rain. We’ve put it through miles of road trips on muddy winter roads and dusty, rutted country roads and in heavy summer rains.  And we’ve parked in several cities where no one thinks twice about kissing your bumper while parallel parking.

Our Next Family Car

Having lived with our Matrix for ten years we know better what we would look for in our next family car. Of course, we want a car for more road trips in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of roads. A high safety rating and roomy back seat are a given. We’d also look for easy to clean seats, a roomy trunk, excellent gas mileage and strong marks for general sturdiness. It can’t be too big for easy city-street parking. Blue tooth for iTunes and extra outlets for recharging phones and tablets would seal the deal.

Real and Wishful Shopping At the NY Auto Show

We like going to the New York International Auto Show every year because it’s a chance to view plenty of options for the practical car we actually need, say a Toyota RAV4 or Prius V or a Mazda CX-5.

every road trip needs a good plan and the right carWe also window shop for the less practical or more luxurious cars we won’t be buying right now, and to think about the trips we might take in them. It’s easy to imagine us traveling down the California coast in a sporty Toyota 86GT or taking in New England fall foliage in a Genesis G80 sport. I’d enjoy driving a Mazda CX-5 along the snowy winter roads of Lake Tahoe or putting the top down on a Mazda Miata during a trip through sunny Florida.

Alas, those cars will probably have to wait until it’s just two us again, with no crayons or Goldfish crackers in the back seat.

Getting Ready to Buy

The Auto Show is great for seeing a wide range of cars and getting ideas, with absolutely no pressure to buy. When you’re actually ready to test drive and buy consider checking out *AutoGravity, a phone and desktop app that has some great features to help busy parents shop for and finance a new (or new to you) car.

AutoGravity, a company that aims to simplify car financing through a smart phone app. AutoGravity can make it easy to secure financing once you’ve found the car of your dreams.

a screen shot from AutoGravity

The app can help you shop for cars you’re interested and point you to nearby dealers. It estimates the monthly payments over different lengths of time given typical current rates. And it even allows you to apply for financing, receive offers from up to four providers and get pre-approval. So you can walk into a showroom knowing exactly how much car you can afford.



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