I have my list of absolute travel essentials (sun screen, passport, etc.). And then I have my list of things I can live without but are awfully handy to have along.

These are the things that justify their room in my suitcase or tote bag by making travel a easier, more comfortable or more fun especially now that I’m a traveling mom.

Here is my list of top travel essentials every woman will find handy, and that busy are most likely to forget. Which ones do you pack? Which ones have you wished to have along?

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8 Essential Travel Items For Women To Pack On Every Trip

Table Of Contents

Travel Essential #1: Flip-flops

Flip-flops are so essential for travel, I pack them yearround.

I wear them going to and from the hotel pool or beach or wandering the decks of a cruise ship.  They’re also handy for padding around a vacation home or popping down to the hotel lobby or breakfast room.

I love flip-flops from Chaco, Crocs, FitFlop and Vionic because they come in a fun summer colors and they’re molded soles have some arch support so you’re feet won’t easily get tired if you walk quite a bit in them.

They cost more than bargain-store flip-flops, but are likely to last through many more more vacations than that $5 pair.

Essential #2: A Hoodie

A hoody like this cozy one from banana republic will keep youcozy on vacation and is an absolute travel essential for women

A good hoody is the travel essential.

For me the perfect hoodie is soft and cozy to put on when evenings turn cool or the airplane AC is too much.

It isn’t too bulky and looks casual but neat.  This merino and cashmere blend hoodie from Banana Republic is somewhere between a sweater and sweatshirt and perfectly fits the bill.

Black goes with everything and will hide a spot or two of dirt until you get home.

This sleek, sporty armitron watch is water-resistant too.

Essential Accessory #3: A Watch

A watch is an essential travel accessorry for me, even though I don’t always wear one at home. My phone batteries can run down when I least expect it—and when it’s not at all convenient.

And sometimes I’d rather glance at my wrist than fish my phone out of my bag, or I don’t want to bring my phone with me on a particular excursion.

I like this Armitron women’s watch because it’s sporty and sleek, not bulky. It’s also water resistant so you can wear it snorkeling or in the pool without a worry.

Essentail #4: Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring backpacks are handy for travel and take up no room in your suitcase

I always pack a lightweight bag like this in my suitcase.

It takes up next to no room and is handy for so many things: Shopping, carrying a picnic lunch, packing still-wet bathing suits to go home.

At a resort or on a cruise it’s ideal for carrying your book, sunscreen, goggles and hats to the pool or beach.

Best of all: The drawstring keeps items from tumbling out when you put it down.

A wristlet is a wallet that goes into your backpack or tote during the day. It turns into a stylish handbag at night. They're an essential travel accessory for women.

Travel Accessory #5:  Wristlet

I can think of few things handier on vacation than a wristlet with a cool design.

Particularly when I travel I like having a small purse that holds money and credit cards, phone, hotel our house key, lipstick, and maybe a small camera or sunglasses.

I pack it in my larger bag as a wallet during the day. And I can use solo as a handbag for going to dinner or for an evening when I want to look less like a tourist with a giant tote bag.

Essential Travel Accessory #6: Cosmetic Bag

A make-up bag let like this is compact dark blue one from tumi is very handy for travel

I like keeping my make-up separate from the rest of my toiletries. Sometimes I want to keep it with me instead of stowing it in checked luggage.

And if I pack it away and something explodes at least I don’t have sparkly eye shadow all over all all my toiletries.

The best cosmetic bag is compact but roomy on the inside, and washable with a spill-proof lining.

Vapur makes lightweight, collapsible water bottles in fun colors. They're absolute travel essentials in our house.

Travel Essential #7: Water Bottle

I have a collection of water bottles at home that I rarely use on vacation because they’re too big to fit in many of my day totes and too heavy to carry around when they’re full.

I love collapsible water bottles like this one by Vapur. They’re light and just the right size for day outings and fold up to a compact size when they’re empty.

They’re travel essentials for my entire family; we all have our own.

Essential Travel Item #8: Blue Tooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is small and waterproof, making it handy for vacations.

I like having music when I’m sitting on a hotel balcony with my afternoon beer or hanging around the beach house helping to get dinner ready.

With bluetooth speakers getting better and smaller all the time, why put up with listening to music straight from your phone.

This rugged mini bluetooth speaker is easy to pack, amplifies really well and is waterproof (hello pool tunes!).

The handy wrist strap makes it easy to attach to a bag or hang on a hook, and makes it harder to lose.

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Here are 8 clever travel accessories for women. Moms will love how practical they are and how good they look, too. Add them to your packing list today. #travel #moms #accessories


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