Essential Travel Products For Babies & Toddlers

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I always enjoy going to baby shows and seeing all the new gear for parents, especially the items that supports parents who want to get out, travel and be active with their little ones.

Here are some of the best new products to help you with eating, sleeping, diaper-changing and more when you’re traveling with your toddler or newborn.

12 Top Baby & Toddler Travel Items

Easy Feeding

these travel trays sit in the cup holders of your carMy Travel Tray USA

It’s a round tray that fits in a car seat, booster seat or car cup holder. It provides a handy place for kids to keep snacks, small toys and a drink during road trips with toddlers.

But in the front or back seat it can also hold house keys, loose change, charging devices, sun glasses and drive-through food.

It comes with an attachment to keep it steady in larger holder holes, but even the smaller peg was too big for the cup holders in our front seat and our booster seat.  It did fit in adjustable back seat cup holder, where my daughter would have used it a lot when she was smaller.

Luv Bug Snack Bags

These reusable snack sacks come in a wide range of fun patterns and colors. They’re made from the same material as the company’s wet travel bag (see photo below), which means they are easy to wash and less likely stain and get mold spots. I also find snack sacks slump to fit their space and don’t spill easily. This is another items that will last into the lunchbox years (if you don’t lose it).

container with spoon and fork attached for baby food on the goBaby Tripster

I love these tiny containers that come with their own spoon/fork.

They’re just the right size for bringing some yogurt, baby food, pasta, small pieces of fruit, veggies and more on the go. 

This is one of those just-the-right-size containers that you’ll find handy through the preschool years. 

Right now you can only buy it from Baby Tripster. I’ll keep you posted for when it’s on Amazon or BuyBuyBaby.

MonBaby monitor

You can’t see your child with this monitor, but it tracks movement and breathing. It fits in the palm of your hand, clips right to your child’s pajamas and runs on a small battery, (so no need to carry yet another a charger). Even if it isn’t your every day monitor it’s handy for travel. Packing it is no problem; just make a point of keeping track of it so it comes home again.

Inspired Start food

Child health experts are starting to recommend introducing allergy-inducing foods to kids earlier rather than later.  This food company’s line is meant to do just that, adding ingredients like shrimp, eggs, soy and even nuts to its fruit and veg mixes.

 To me the handiest thing about these is that they are an easy portable source protein for kids who are not yet eating solids (and even kids who are).

Once I knew my tot could safely eat these, I probably wouldn’t have left home without them for the first few years.

Cozy Sleeping

This rechargeable baby monitor can sit in the crib the motion and breath monitor clips to the baby's pajamasNanit Baby monitor

If you want to travel with a baby monitor this one is certainly handy. Remove the monitor from the compact charging stand and it’s cordless, so you can put it right in your child’s crib. Then connect it to your phone (there’s an app) via blue tooth or wi-fi. The charger is a USB cord so it will work with other USB wall plugs.

Ubbi Blanket Buddies

My daughter was well into her school years before she completely gave up her muslin baby blankets; their extra large size and soft, light texture makes them so versatile.

These Ubbi blankets, which come in three different animal pairs, fold up into themselves to make a soft and snuggly animal.

Easy to pack and very handy on airplanes or in hotels. Make it your travel snuggly and leave the treasured favorite snuggly home where it’s safe.

Practical Diapering

This skiphop bag doesn't look like a diaper bagthis skiphop diaper bag backpack opens wideOne trend I’m seeing that I love is more diaper bags in grown-up colors and patterns that are made to appeal to both moms and dads. The makers hope you’ll find a use for their bags even when you no longer carry diapers.

Diaper bag backpacks are handy for traveling, walks and hikes. In the airport they leave your hands free. And they work better than shoulder bags with baby carriers, which is important for long days out.Jujube's faux leather backpack diaper bag is light and grownup looking

Ju-Ju-be Backpacks

Some of this company’s colors are more subdued and others more lively and fun, but none are babyish.

The newest backpack (right)  has washable faux leather, a roomy front pocket and space inside for a laptop beside all your baby gear. The straps are padded and it’s much lighter than it looks. Keep checking here for availability.

SkipHop Mainframe Wide Open Diaper Bag

Their shoulder bags are perennial favorites because of those clever stroller clips and very well placed pockets.

This new backpack (above) is a bit of a departure stylewise but it still has the handy stroller clips, plenty of pockets, including a front one for keys and phone.

The fabric looked easy to clean and it comes in two grown-up colors./div>

moms or dads can carry this sleek gray diaper bag The meta diaper bag is easy to organizeMeta Diaper Bag

The diaper bag that’s designed by a dad. It comes in two sizes and has an organizer insert, fold-down changing pad, magnetic close and waterproof cover for the larger one.

The dad behind it hopes it will find a second life as a camera or computer bag when you’re diapering days are done. That’s why it comes in a sedate gray pattern and the thermal bag for your baby bottle also fits a bottle of wine. 

Going Out & Staying Out

Luv Bug sun-screen towel Luv Bug wet bag and snack sacks

Luv Bug

More handy items from this versatile brand.

The wet bag will contain soggy bathing suits and towels during day trips and keep laundry contained in your suitcase. It hooks on a stroller or can easily be secured and tossed into another bag. The makers say it resists odors and mold and washes easily.

Kids hooded towels are soft, thin, absorbent and easy to pack. They dry quickly and provide sun protection. The makers say they’re big enough to for kids aged from toddler to almost tween.

Parents like them so much that the company starting making towels for us, too, in colorful grown-up patterns.


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