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For general information about FamiliesGo! and its founder, see our About page.


FamiliesGo! has a growing audience of educated, professional parents aged 28-54, who make regular travel purchases and live in and around the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada. Their children range in age from a few month to 18 years. We love connecting brands with parents who have purchasing power in creative and meaningful ways.

  • Advertising/Custom Content/MOMtravelchat Twitter Parties and more:

  • We use our website and newsletter as well as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to continually develop new insights into how families travel and how they research and purchase travel services and experiences. We use this information to create meaningful engagement between quality brands and amazing parents. Ask us how we can create twitter parties, content for our platforms or yours, tailored to your brand and marketing goals.
  • We can work with you over the long-term via an Ambassador relationship.
  • We can help you create new products or services targeted at parents and to make existing products serve their needs better—and then help you market them— via marketing partnerships.


Parents ask questions, lot of questions. Our curated FG Lodging Guide provides answers.

  • If you would like someone from FamiliesGo! to visit your hotel and review it or to consult on how to make it more family friendly, just ask.

Television and radio reporters and travel writers:

If you are looking for information on FamiliesGo! or expert insights on family travel, mullti-generational travel, travel with small children or family destinations, visit our Media Page

Travel Trade and Parenting Groups:

If you need someone to speak with your parent group, your trade group or at your travel industry event about planning value-oriented family vacations the whole family will enjoy together or how to better serve the family market, contact our founder Eileen Gunn.

Family Travel Bloggers:

• We love parents who are great writers who can provide first-hand destination guides and travel advice. Read our writers guidelines and tell us your idea.

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