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Eileen Gunn of FamiliesGo!Learning to Travel With Kids: Before we became parents, Rich and I traveled far and wide. Once Tiny Traveler came along we had a lot of questions. Could you take a child to Cambodia? or Peru? How young is too young for exotic inoculations? Do we have to go to Disney World? How do read or watch TV in a hotel room when your  child is sleeping six inches away from you? And how do you keep a 1 or 3 or 5 or 8-year-old occupied in a way that engages you, too?

Seeking Good Answers: We looked around and found no answers, or not very ones. We talked to a lot of other parents and found they had the same frustration. While parents love great family vacations —the bonding, the photo ops, the memories— they dread the time and effort it takes planning them because it’s so hard to get their most basic questions answered.

“You have a wonderful way of distilling the essence of each site you visit in a way that sets each apart and highlights its best features.  It’s pleasure to host you.” – Dutchess Tourism

Providing Better Answers: This is where FamiliesGo! comes in.  We provide original, high-quality advice and information and we keep the unique needs of parents in mind at all times. We don’t crowdsource because we think this creates more work than help for parents, we don’t write about places our writers haven’t been to because we need to be on the ground to give parents truly useful advice. We create tools and posts based on what parents tell us they need.

Parents rely on our editorial and branded content to make purchasing decisions and to create the best vacation memories for their families. We strive to provide a meaningful exchange of information between our brands and our audience. The goal is to build relationships between great brands and the parents who are our users.


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Our Expertise: We spend a lot of time talking to parents about travel: On #MOMtravelchat, on social media, at conferences, not to mention at the playground and birthday parties. We understand today’s parents’ needs, expectations and brand loyalties when they plan and book family travel. And we understand how the travel services and products can make travel easier or add to parents’ stress.

In fact, we’ve gotten some of our most popular content from parents telling us about their challenges traveling with kids (Problem: how do I find a taxi with a car seat in a city I don’t know? Answer: Here is a list of car services with car seats!)

Bringing Brands and Users Together: Then we connect our audience with quality consumer and travel brands that fit our users’ unique needs. We work with brands in a variety of ways. We can create custom content for you for our website and social platforms. How? We can also create content for your websites, blogs and publications. We can be your ambassador. We can manage  or co-host your Twitter party or let you sponsor ours. Learn more about branded content, #MOMtravelchat, social engagement and more. Contact us:

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