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Our Purpose:

Learning to Travel With Kids:

Eileen gunn of familiesgo!

Before we became parents, Rich and I traveled far and wide. Once Tiny Traveler came along we had a lot of questions about where and how to travel with a child. We looked around and found no answers, or not very appealing ones.

What Parents Want: We talked to a lot of other parents and found they had the same frustrations we did. While parents love great family vacations —the bonding, the memories, the chance to introduce their kids to new places and experiences — they don’t like the large amount time and effort it takes planning them. It’s so hard to get the most basic questions answered and if you make bad decisions there is the guilt that you ruined your family vacation.

Providing Better Answers:

  • We provide original, high-quality advice and information.
  • We keep the unique needs of parents and kids in mind with all of our editorial and custom content.
  • We don’t crowdsource content.
  • We don’t write about places our writers haven’t been to.
  • We create tools and posts based on what parents tell us they need.

Bringing Brands and Users Together: 

We connect our audience with quality consumer and travel brands that fit our users’ unique needs. We work with brands in a variety of ways.

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Meet the Traveler In Chief:

Eileen gunn of familiesgo!

Eileen Gunn is a native New Yorker, consumer and business journalist, nervous fearless world traveler and mom of one. She’s written a career-advice book that took lessons from extreme sports, climbed a volcano in the pitch black, gone kayaking in a typhoon, had a very unplanned c-section and (most daring of all) launched FamiliesGo!. Her goal: Give parents tools and information they can use to plan memorable vacations that kids and adults will enjoy.

She’s written for Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, US News, Parents, Best Life, Reuters.com, TravelAge West, Orbitz, HuffPost and more.  

She has been quoted as a travel expert in the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News, USA Today, CNN.com, ABCNews.com and many other places. Speaking engagements on travel topics include panel discussions at NABJ/NAHJ 2016, the 2017 New York Times Travel Show and Brooklyn BabyFest.

Her well-traveled tween has ventured beyond the U.S. more than a dozen times, hit three continents, taken three cruises, boarded several planes and logged countless miles in the car. She loves hotels and has strong opinions about what makes for a good one.

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