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Writers’ Guidelines

Writers’ Guidelines

Writers’ Guidelines

Some tips for writing for FamiliesGo!:

  • Blogs should be about 500-800 words long.
  • Please submit your guest blog as a Word (or compatible) document with photos in separate JPG files.
  • With rare exceptions, we expect anyone writing about a destination for FamiliesGo! to have traveled to that destination with a child or children.
  • Blogs should be written in the first person, and we encourage personal feedback both positive and negative. What did your kids like and when were they bored? What about the adults? What was too expensive, too crowded or what had too long a line and wasn’t worth it? What hidden gem was a big hit for everyone? And so forth.
  • Readers should come away with useful tips they can use. Think of the blog in terms of 3-6 bullet points that reflect your experience traveling with kids of a particular age.
  • The working headlines are always practical: 5 Things To Skip in Orlando; 5 to do with teens in Madrid; 5 things to do in Savannah with a toddler, 5 tips for seeing Angkor Wat with a 7-year-old, etc.
  • if you are writing about a destination , please send some photos, ideally photos that show the destination and families/kids.
  • We recommend you look at some recent posts as examples.
  • Be sure to include a bio with links to any website, facebook, twitter or pinterest feed, etc. that you would like us to link to.
  • Please link back to FamiliesGo! on your blog and socialize your post via social media when your story is published.
  • FamiliesGo! will provide assignment letters to travel writers who accept assignments from us. If you are covering a destination for us we expect you to travel with at least one baby, child or teenager. We will not accept reviews of places as family destinations if the writer has traveled alone.
  • FamiliesGo! reserves the right to edit any and all content submissions for length, tone, voice and factual accuracy to bring the content in line with our standards, voice and mission. We retain the exclusive right to content we publish as it it edited and formatted for FamiliesGo!. Contributors are free to submit similar content on similar themes to other entities.
  • FamiliesGo! reserves the right to resize, crop or otherwise edit photos or other images submitted to us as long as those alterations don’t substantially alter the content, purpose or intent of the image. We retain the non-exclusive right to use images submitted to us.

To query FamiliesGo!, write to us as editor (at) familiesgotravel (dot) com.

Thank you!

We look forward to your contribution to FamiliessGo!