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Family Cruise Vacation Packing List

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Packing for a Caribbean Cruise

Here is a list of items you want to be sure to include on a warm weather cruise, most likely to the Caribbean, with your family.

Pay close attention to the list of items you don’t want to buy on board—prices will be high and choices slim if you forget them.

Tips for Packing

Moms of babies and toddlers, note that swim diapers are not on this list. Most cruise lines don’t allow them.

If your child is still in diapers plan to spend more time around the splash pad and not much time in the pool, where he or she won’t be allowed to swim.

Find out what play rooms and programs they have for kids too young to use the kids club and when babysitting is available. Pack more or fewer toys depending on what they can offer.

the FamiliesGo! packing list for a family Caribbean cruise vacation

If you plan special shore excursions make sure to pack any footwear, clothes or gear you’ll need. I think it’s nice to carry your own snorkel gear.

lanyards with retractable cords are handy on cruises for holding your room key.

If your cruise doesn’t provide ID bracelets bring lanyards for your keycards. You’ll need your room key with you all the time for everything. 

Mor often than not Tween Traveler and I were wearing clothes with no pockets. A lanyard would have saved me from having to carry a bag around all the time just to have someplace to put my key. And they’re they best way to keep kids from losing their keys. 

My husband and I were regretting all those conference  lanyards we tossed out as we were pricing them for $8 and up a cruise ship gift shop. Amazon sells a handy lanyard 3-pack for roughly the same price. 

Remember to use luggage you can easily stow away in your tiny state room.

And let us now if there is anything we forgot when packing for a cruise with kids. Happy sailing!

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The Caribbean Cruise Packing List

You can download our printable packing list just below the graphic.

Or read it and click on the graphic to print it out:

the FamiliesGo! packing list for a Caribbean cruise vacation with kids

Print the list!

Download our printable caribbean cruise packing list

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