The Best Vacation Planning To-Do List

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Vacation Planning To-Do List

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3+ months out

___ Choose your destination

___ Book major lodging (hotel, campsite, home rental)

___ Book air travel

___ Reserve car rental

___ Book European trains or domestic trains for peak weeks

___ Book must-see and popular attractions/tours

___ Check passports for expiration dates. Renew/apply as needed

___ Research, apply for visasas needed for foreign travel


1+ months out

___ Plan an approximate daily itinerary and driving route

___ Book secondary or in-transit lodging

___ Book non-peak domestic train travel

___ Book attractions that need prior ticket purchase

___ Haircuts for you and/or the kids

___ Schedule pet boarding or drop-by care as needed


1 week out

­___ Pre-packing laundry

___ Pack (with our Packing List)

___ Schedule a mail hold

___ Suspend newspaper delivery

___ Call credit card companies to inform them you are traveling

___ Schedule any utility/service suspensions (for extended travel)

___ Check the car for tire pressure, oil, wiper fluid, etc.

___ Make 2 photocopies of passports, drivers license, credit cards, AAA card for emergencies (pack them separate from your originals and leave a set at home)

___ Email your travel details to friends/family as needed

___ Schedule salon/do at-home pedicure (beach and wedding travel)


36 hours out

___ Confirm flight, lodging, car rental as needed

___ Print and pack boarding passes as needed

___ Book your taxi (airport)

___ Fill the gas tank

___ Pack passports, tickets, online reservations/receipts as needed

___ Pack (or have kids pack) their carry-on/backseat bag (games, toys, art supplies, snacks, hoodie, blanket, cuddly toy)

___ Pack your own carry-on/car bag (maps, guidebooks, water, snacks, glasses, sunglasses, wallet, reading, shawl/sweater/hoodie.

___ Charge up laptops, tablets, phones, mp3 players, e-readers, cameras.

___ Pack laptops, tablets, phones, e-readers, mp3 players, cameras (extra memory card) and chargers.


Walking Out the Door

___ Dishwasher: On or empty?

___ Plant watered?

___ Kitchen appliances: off or unplugged?

___ Electronics: off or unplugged?

___ Are there wet clothes in the washing machine?

___ Luggage

___ Carry-ons

___ Essential documents, cash, credit cards, eyeglasses, phone

___ Has everyone gone to the bathroom one last time?

___ Essential outerwear, plane-wear and shoes for everyone

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the best vacation planning to-do list

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