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Staycations at home need as much planning as away vacations, or in fact, maybe even a little more. You’re in your comfort zone, in familiar surroundings, so you need to work harder to remember you’re on your family vacation. it’s easy to catch up on work, get caught up in cleaning or eat up several days with a DIY project that should have taken a few hours. But that isn’t going to send you back to work and school relaxed and refreshed and with that warm family-togetherness feeling, is it? And that’s what a vacation is supposed to do, even if it happens near home. But a little staycation planning will help you figure out how to relax at home so you feel like you’ve had time away with your kids.

How To Relax At Home: Planning

Just as you would on a vacation away, talk as a family about what you want to do, where you want to go, what you want to eat, and how you want to spend your time around the house. And of course, talk with your spouse or partner about how much you want to spend. Staycations need budgets just like getaways do. If you need to check in with work think about how much time you want for that and when it will happen. It’s ok to tackle some of those home projects you’ve been putting off, but schedule time for those too, so they get done but don’t take over your week.

Vacation At Home: Help is here

To help get the ideas rolling, here is a family staycation planning tool. It would work for any trip, but is especially handy for staycations, where you need to make the extra effort to get out, explore, not cook, ignore laundry, watch too many movies and eat too much ice cream.

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These Staycation planning sheets are printable. Once you print them, sit down with family and start planning your amazing week!

• staycation planning
• staycation schedule

The Worksheets

staycation planning tool

staycation planning worksheet

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The way to have a staycation that feels like a vacation is to treat it like one. These printable planning sheets will help you set a budget and plan activities that will help to make you feel like you've had a getaway with your kids right at home.

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