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5 Great Reasons To Try An RV Family Vacation

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Your kids are great and you love them. But being confined in a large box with them as it travels down the road? No thanks, right? I totally get that. The truth is though, an RV family vacation isn’t nearly as daunting as it seems.

In fact, road-tripping with an RV can be a fun way to explore with kids of all ages in tow and can even provide unique and really memorable travel opportunities.

If your kids have ever pitched a tent in the backyard or had a blast during the family camping trip, they’ll love staying in an RV. And having a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom with you wherever you has advantages parents appreciate, too, especially moms.

If you’re warming to the idea, here are few things about RV travel that just might surprise you.

5 Facts About RV Travel With Kids

1. Not All RVs Are Hard to Drive and Park

We’ve all seen those oversized RVs lumbering down the highway and thought to ourselves “no way!” But More likely than not, those are seasoned RVers who have been driving big rigs for a long time (either that or they’re completely fearless).

But not all RVs are made the same. There are some RVs that are not much different from driving a big SUV.

Renting an Airstream can make traveling with kids less stressful

RVs that are considers “class Cs,” for example, are among the easiest RVs to drive and a good place to start. They’re built on truck chassis and driving a one feels much more natural than the bigger “class As.”

Most come equipped with backup cameras as well, so reversing is less of a problem. Plus, they come with a “cabover bunk” (which is what it sounds like) and this works as a separate bedroom for the kids. So you get more privacy than you might expect in such a small space.

2. RV Parks and Resorts Have Awesome Amenities

Who said camping in an RV couldn’t be luxurious? RV parks these days have tons of amenities that  families enjoy.  Swimming pools, outdoor sports courts, rec rooms and snack shacks are almost standard in even basic campgrounds.

Family campgrounds often have themed weekends with an array of activities and games. Don’t be surprised to find activities like live music and outdoor movie nights too.

If you want to kick it up a notch, there are luxury RV resorts. They’ll have all the aforementioned activities for kids, plus a few big bonuses thrown that parents will appreciate.

For example, you might be able to grab a drink at cocktail hour or relax in the jacuzzi. In some places you can get a massage after playing a round golf on a lakeside golf course.

You may even be able to sit down for a sit-down dinner at a resort restaurant. Staying at an RV resort is starting to sound pretty nice, huh?

3. You’ll Uncover Hidden Gems You Wouldn’t Find Otherwise

When you travel stay in hotels your mobility and flexibility are limited by how much time you have and how far you can travel from wherever you spend the night.

This can make it difficult to experience everything a location has to offer. When you’re in an RV, the only thing holding you back is an empty gas tank.

RVs let you visit out of the way places with your kids

Think about it – even if it’s not ideal, you can camp virtually anywhere as long as it’s safe. Most national parks even have designated spots for RV camping. So instead of rushing to drive to the woods, see all there is to see, and get back to your hotel after sundown, you can park your RV and stay for the night.

4. RV Travel is Less Stressful for Everyone

RV trips are meant to be taken at a slow, stress-less pace. You can travel slow without much “are we there yet?” because you have some of the comforts of home right along with you wherever you go. 

You never have to worry about going hungry or “holding it.” That alone is enough to bring stress levels down quite a bit.

Kids do have to be secured into RV seat with seat belts or car seats for little kids,  just like any other vehicle, but it’s still possible to pop in a DVD or set them up with a board game at the dinette.

Better still, if your family includes a pet you can more easily bring it along.  No having to choose between searching for dog-friendly hotels or paying for boarding or a pet sitter. That’s less stress all by itself.

5. RVing With Kids is Affordable

Hey, we all want to save money, right? RV travel can be super affordable. A study by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association found that RV travel costs 23 to 59% less than vacations that involve airplane travel and hotel stays.

Even traveling in a luxury Class A motorhome and staying at high-end RV resorts still costs less than flying and staying in upscale hotels.

Get out on the open road with your family in a camper van or RV.

Will Your Next Trip Be in an RV?

If you have never traveled in an RV before the best way to try it out is with a motorhome rental, which you can do an agency or dealer or from a peer-to-peer RV rental network. RV rentals by owner are less expensive than renting from a dealership. 

Your kids will love camping under the stars after a long day of exploration, and you’ll love having the amenities and luxuries of a high-end hotel without the hotel prices. Plus, there’s nothing better than having the sounds of the great outdoors lull you to sleep while you drift off, dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures.

Did you take an RV trip with your kids and end up loving it? Share your story in the comments!

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