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The Warmest Winter Clothes (at Great Prices) For Kids & Tweens

The Warmest Winter Clothes (at Great Prices) For Kids & Tweens

I hope your family goes on a ski vacation this winter. Or some other kind of winter-wonderland getaway. But some kids need the best warm winter clothes for everyday life, too: They’re walking to school, doing weekend scouting activities or family hikes, or playing in the snow outside your door.

Kids also outgrow things quickly and can wear them out even faster. So you want high-quality gear that will keep them warm and dry. But you don’t necessarily want to pay top dollar.

I get it. Below are some of my and my readers’ go-to winter clothing. They’re all good deals and will hold up well enough to pass them along to the next kid if you want to.

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Warm Winter Clothes That Will Outlast The Season & Your Kids

The Best Base Layers For Kids

The Best Things To Wear Under Everything

The year we hit below-freezing temperatures in Lake Placid we used both air-activated foot warmers and hand warmers almost every time we went outside.

We would have spent considerably less time outdoors without them (the adults would have, too). They’ve become essential outdoor gear for our ski getaways.

Unwrap to activate them about 30 minutes before you head outside for maximum warmth. They’ll last for most of the day.

These have a slim profile and so aren’t uncomfortable in shoes or gloves, which pleasantly surprised me.

they might not be clothes, but these foot warmers might just save the day on your next winter outting.
32 degrees long underwear keeps your kids warm and your budget under control

‪32 Degrees Long Underwear for kids

Nicole Chiodo DeBickes of Family with Latitude‪ notes, “I love the 32 Degrees long underwear for kids.

It’s one of the few brand that sells base layers in a top-and-bottom set. These form-fitting thermals are “super affordable and very warm!”

32 Degrees has a full line of thermal wear and outerwear for men and women, too.

A Base Layer That’s A T-Shirt, Too

Columbia’s Omni-Heat shirts have been another repeat purchase my teen has loved since middle school.

Omni-heat clothes have an impressive heat-reflective interior I haven’t seen elsewhere. But this top looks like a regular t-shirt, not like long underwear.

My daughter wore it as a light-weight warm T all through the fall for school, hiking and more. It only became a base layer on snow days.

The current price is a steal, given the brand-name quality here and the wear your kid will get out of it.

warm winter clothes start with a warm base layer, like columbia's omni-heat tops and bottoms.
kids love fits hiking socks because they're stretchy and have great patterns.

Fits Socks For Kids

My daughter has become a fan of Fits medium hiker socks for skiing and winter camping. She likes the brand’s light wool socks for fall and winter hikes, too.

They’re thinner and have more stretch than some other thermal socks and are quite warm. They come in fairly gender-neutral colors, too, which tweens and teens often prefer.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers aren’t just for babies and really help kids to stay warm when they’re outside for long periods.

They can fill in the gap between boots and pants.

When your tween doesn’t want an entire extra layer of thermal these can provide insulation under jeans or over tights and leggings.

Who says the 80s have to be over?

leg warmers aren't just for dancers. they're an easy to pack extra layer for cold-weather travel.
fleece leggings are soft and comfortable, the sort of warm winter clothes kids love.

Heavy Fleece Leggings

If you’re daughter lives in leggings, don’t fear the winter. These thick Kiiavoro fleece leggings will keep them warm.

They come in a good selection of colors. But buy a three-pack or basic black, dark gray and either light gray or dark blue and you’re pretty set for the season.

Weatherproof Coats, Snow Pants & Boots

The Latest Winter Parkers

This new quilted puffer jacket for girls from Reebok is bound to be popular, not least because of the great colors.

It’s extra long to cover their bums and heavily quilted for those very cold days.

Two chest pockets zip and deep side pockets have a double button to keep phone and other items secure.

The fleece-lined hood is removable and the shell is wind and water-resistant. The price is nice, too.

a warm winter parker with lots of pockets is essential winter gear for kids.
this eddies bauer winter coat comes in color combinations boys and girls will like. plus it has fleece and quilting for extra warmth.

Eddie Bauer has a new kids winter jacket, too. And I love it.

It has a fleece inner lining as well as a quilted puffer shell that’s wind and water-resistant. This jacket is made for seriously cold weather and has a great price!

Elastic at the cuffs keeps snow and rain out and is the kind of detail I appreciate even if my kid doesn’t.

In addition to two side pockets there’s a discreet inner pocket and zippered chest pocket.

It comes in eight colors, some gender neutrals and some geared more toward boys or girls.

Hard-to-Beat Snow Pants

These Arctix bib-style insulated overalls are a hands-down favorite with moms.

Elastic sides, scuff-guards, elastic gussets to fit over boots and a pocket that zips and a reinforced ring for lift ticket or attaching gloves are some of the details that make them a great value for their surprising low price.

adjustable bib straps let you buy them a size bigger to get two or even 3 years out of them.

Plus, 43 colors allow you to choose one that will stand out amid all the black and red gear on the slopes.

arctix snow pants
kamik rain boots are durable and well-made, at a reasonable price.

Kamik for Wintertime

My readers love Kamik’s sport sandals for the summer. Its Snobuster insulated winter boots have just as much to like.

Grippy soles and water-resistant uppers pair with a fleece lining that pulls tight to keep snow and rain out. And you can remove it for easy laundering.

Thirteen color combos will please boys and girls.

Tween-Approved Winter Boots

If your daughter has reached an age where she won’t be seen in snow or rain boots, try these new waterproof ankle boots from Dream Pairs.

My readers love Dream Pairs for themselves And your daughters will no doubt follow suit. These black ankle boots with two silver buckles don’t look like weather boots at all

But they’re waterproof, have excellent no-slip soles and zip on the side for easy on and off.

dream pairs ankle boots are all weather boots for tween girls who don't want to wear winter boots.


warm winter clothes include handy accessories like these merino wool gators from smart wool.

Colorful Gators for Kids

Smartwool makes gators for kids in odor-resistant merino wool. So they’re soft and cozy and can go longer between washings.

Gators are essential winter gear in my book because they cover your neck better than scarves, don’t hang lose and fit in a pocket, making them less likely to get lost.

These come in bright colors and patterns and they’re the one thing kids won’t outgrow for a few years so you can feel good buying a high-quality one.

Nearly Perfect Tween Gloves

These unisex YunikiYa gloves have a lot going for them. No wonder they are a hot item this season

They are water-repellent with a fleece lining and non-slip palms. Plus they have three touch-screen fingers.

They’re a good enough value that I’d consider buying a second, back-up pair.

kids love gloves they cam wear while using their phones, like these unisex yunikiya fleece-lined ones.
evrdiwear sells gloves in packs of 3, handy if your kids tend to lose them.

Gloves For Kids Who Lose Gloves

These 3 packs of gloves from Evridwear are hugely popular, mostly because they’re inexpensive and come in packs of three pairs

They have grippy palms and fingers, so kids can easily hit the playground, play outdoor sports and make snowballs with them.

The palms might be dots, skeletons, colorful camouflage, snowflakes, stars or hearts, giving you options to please every kid.

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winter clothes have to keep your kids warm and dry and last the season without wearing out. my picks for affordable, high-quality coats, boots, base layers & accessories.