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Essential Winter Clothes for Men, Women, Kids

Essential Winter Clothes for Men, Women, Kids

Icelanders like to say there’s no such thing as cold weather; you just need warm winter clothes.

Winter family travel opens up all kinds of possibilities from visiting popular cities in the quiet off-season to getting outdoors together at snowy resorts.

But you do have to dress right so you and your kids will stay warm and dry throughout your adventures.

So here, top travel writers offer our favorite outdoor winter clothes from coats, boots, baselayers to accessories for men, women and kids.

Pick what your family needs to keep warm, even in the very cold. Then start planning that winter getaway!

Get our printable packing list for winter vacations.

The Best Winter Vacation Clothings for For the Whole Family

Warmest Winter Base Layers

 1. Columbia Omni-Heat Line

Columbia's omni-heat base layers keep mom, dad and kids warm with heat reflective fabric.

These heat reflecting baselayer separates are amazing.

My daughter has asked me to buy the Omni-Heat *top and bottom for several years in a row now.

She’s always the warmest among the three of us, even on the coldest days. She likes that it looks like a real shirt, so she can wear it on its own to school on cold days.

The Omni-Heat line includes inner and outer ware for kids, men and women. I’ll be buying my own set one of these winters.

2. Merino Wool Thermals

Warm winter clothes start with a base lyer like the merino wool set from helly henson

‪Laurence Norah‪ at Finding the Universe prefers a merino wool baselayer.

“It’s the best thing in the world when you’re on the side of a snow-covered mountain trying to take pictures,” she says.

Helly Henson’s baselayers wash and hold up really well, in my experience. The brand makes a line of 2-layer merino wool thermals for women and men.

3. Body Eco Bamboo Basics

Warm winter clothes can be earth friendly, too, like these thermals made of bamboo.

‪Jean Cheney‪ at Traveling HoneyBird loves Boody Body Eco underwear tops and bottoms.

“They’re super warm, dry fast if you get snow in your pants. Easy to wash and care for too.” And the bamboo-friendly rayon fabric is earth friendly, too!

4. 32 Degrees Long Underwear

32 degrees long underwear keeps your kids warm and your budget under control

‪Nicole Chiodo DeBickes of Family with Latitude‪ notes, “I love the 32 Degrees long underwear for kids.

It’s one of the few brand that sells base layers in a top-and-bottom set; So these form-fitting thermals are “super affordable and very warm!”

32 Degrees has a full line of thermal wear and outerwear for men and women, too.

Coziest Winter Socks

5. SmartWool

Smart wool socks are cozy and come in several different lengths and thicknesses for fall and winter outdoors.

‪Lauren Monitz‪ at the DownLo shares my love of SmartWool socks. They are form-fitting under boots and range from thinner hiking socks to super thick socks for extended time outdoors. They offer ankle socks. And they have fun patterns.

She’s a fan of SmartWool’s long underwear tops and bottoms, too “It’s so soft and breathable.”

6. PossumWool Socks From New Zealand

New zealanders keep their feet warm in cold weather with possumdown wool socks.

International Hot Dish writer Scott Hornberg‪ warns, “Woe to the person who stands between me and my Possumdown wool socks.”

The New Zealand footwear is made from possum fur and Merino wool for warmth, softness and wickability that maintains loyal fans..

7. Fits Socks For Winter Hiking

Kids love fits hiking socks because they're stretchy and have great patterns.

My daughter has become a fan of Fits light hiker socks for winter camping.

They’re thinner and have more stretch than some other winter socks but are still warm. and They have a line of fairly gender-neutral colors teens like.

High-Tech Winter Coats & Jackets

8. The Right Fleece Middle Layer

The namesake of Arzo Travels likes a lightweight fleece. It’s a snug layering item when it’s very cold. And it’s handy under a vest or wind breaker during cool shoulder season days.

The zip-up fleece from columbia is a  great cold-weather mid layer.

Try the women’s half-zip glacial fleece pullover from Columbia, which has a little stretch for active days and a high collar to keep your neck warm.

The Steens Mountain full-zip fleece for men has zippered pockets and is extra long, so it doesn’t ride up when he’s busy.

9. Ir? T=fam07 20&l=am2&o=1&a=b01cryanq2Musto Sailing Jackets

Musto sailing jackets might no seem like warm winter clothing but they will keep all the wet and wind and cold out even on long days.

The Traveling German Edwina Dendler says, “ I swear by my Musto sailing jacket (like this BR1 Coastal jacket) for any kind of cold travel.

“It’s not very thick, so I layer up underneath. But it’s 100% waterproof and windproof and has an awesome high fleece collar as well.”

‪10. A Compact Down Jacket

A down coat you can pack tightly in your suitcase is essential winter travel clothing.

Natasha Alden‪ of The World Pursuit recommends “A packable down jacket. It should be perfect for keeping warm, but pack up super small and light.”

This one from Patagonia is down-filled and has a moisture-wicking interior. And it scrunches up into its own small pouch.

11-12. Really Warm Winter Coats for Kids

Winter coats don't get much warm than this down puffer coat from marmot/

For girls and boys who like a shorter puffy coat, you can’t go wrong with Marmot’s Kids Guide Down Hoody. It comes in colors that will appeal to both genders, has a snug collar, elastic on the hood and cuffs and enough down to keep them warm on long snow days.

Columbia's longer winter jacket has great pockets and a reflective thermal lining.

If you prefer a longer jacket that fully covers their bums, try the Porteau Cove from Columbia. It has a heat reflective lining, a fleece-lined hood, waterproof exterior and sleaves you can make shorter and longer to get an extra year out of the coat.

The girls coat is cut a bit differently than the boys and if you don’t mind the darker colors, I prefer the boys, really.

Boots that Keep The Family’s Feet Warm

13. Ir? T=fam07 20&l=am2&o=1&a=b01dxrq53wGenuine Uggs: 2 Kinds

Koolaburra uggs are affordable and much better than any knock-off you'll ever buy.

I admit I’ve bought my share of Ugg knock-offs but I sprang for a genuine pair of Koolaburra fleece-lines boots this winter and I’m sold.

The boots have a slightly raised heel and arch supports, essentials for a city mom who does a lot of walking all winter. And the soles are holding up better against NYC sidewalks than on some cheaper boots have.

Ugg lace-up boots are the choice when you really need a warm and rugged winter boot.

For her part, Jurga Van S‪ from Full Suitcase prefers Ugg Adirondack lace-up boots. “They are warm, waterproof and keep my feet warm and dry. I used them when hunting for the Northern Lights in Iceland in winter and also every ski vacation for the last four years. Well worth the money!”

14. Columbia Insulating Boots

Even columbia's boots have heat reflective lining. They really keep your feet cozy.

Alexis Jordan Tchuise‪ of World Travel Adventure raves, “I love my Columbia Women’s Minx Mid III Omni-Heat Winter Boot. They keep my feet warm and dry even in Iceland in the winter!”

15.Ir? T=fam07 20&l=am2&o=1&a=b01nctyhdh For Kids: Bogs Boots

Bogs are easy for kids to pull on, come in fun colors and patterns and will keep feet 100% dry in winter.

‪Kay Tee‪ from TearFree Travel, says “For kids definitely Bog boots are the best! Super easy to get on and super warm. Also super cute patterns for girls and boys (priorities!) ”

Winter Accessories That Do More

16. A Soft Wool Scarf

A cozy wool scarf is a nice touch of home when you travel in winter.

Jessica Norah at Independent Travel Cats relies on, “A nice warm wool scarf to keep me warm inside or out,” like this super soft Köln cashmere option.

17. A Buff Gator

Buff gators are easy to pack, warm and versatile.

Becky Angell‪ of Becky the Traveller says she always packs, “My fleece Buff.”

“You can keep your face lovely and warm, especially your nose!” It can serve as a hat or hairband in a pinch, too.

Ir? T=fam07 20&l=am2&o=1&a=b01i7gpmm418. Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

These isotoner gloves are lined to keep your hands warm, but they still work with your phone!

Family travel writer ‪Lisa Nass Grabelle‪ explains, “The women and girls in my family love the waterproof and insulated Isotoner SmarTouch gloves.

They kept our fingers cozy even in snowy Oslo in winter, and you can still text!”

19. Leg Warmers

Leg warmers aren't just for dancers. They're an easy to pack extra layer for cold-weather travel.

‪Lavina DSouza‪ of Continent Hop says, “Leg warmers! If there’s space between your boots and pants they really help! Or they can be an added layer of insulation” under pants or over tights and leggings.

Who says the 80s have to be over?

20. Foot Warmers

They might not be clothes, but these foot warmers might just save the day on your next winter outting.

Kaylie Baker‪ of Happiness Travels Here says, “To keep warm, on our trip to Lapland, air-activated foot warmers were a lifesaver.

Peel off the cover and place them in your shoes; they last for up to eight hours.” These warmers from Toasti Toes have a slim profile so they aren’t uncomfortable in shoes.

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