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18 Winter Clothes To Keep Women Warm & Looking Great

18 Winter Clothes To Keep Women Warm & Looking Great

Our winter family travel has included visiting popular cities like Montreal and London in the quiet, but gray off-season and getting outdoors together in snowy ski towns like Steamboat Springs and Lake Placid. The key to enjoying both kinds of trips is packing warm winter clothes that will keep you comfortable and dry, no matter what activities or weather the day might bring.

Icelanders like to say there’s no such thing as cold weather; you just need the right winter gear. So here are my favorite items for staying warm outdoors, from coats and boots right on down to base layers you’ll love. Some of my favorite female travel writers make recommendations, too.

Pick the items you need; Then start planning that winter getaway!

• Get my printable packing list for winter vacations.
• Check out my list of the warmest winter clothes for kids, too.
• Plus, boots you can wear everywhere through fall and winter

Stay Happy on Cold Days With These Warm Winter Clothes for Women

Warm Winter Base Layers

Start with SmartWool

I’m a fan of SmartWool’s long underwear tops and bottoms. They’re the most comfortable thermal layers I’ve ever had.

They wick moisture, insulate, move with you and are opaque enough to wear on their own.

This is handy if you find yourself wanting to peel off some of your layers when you come in from skiing or skating.

Plus the blue, purple and loden are a nice change from ubiquitous black base layers.

warm winter clothes start with a good base layer like this thermal top from smartwool
warm winter clothes can be earth friendly, too, like these thermals made of bamboo.

‪Boody Bamboo Basics

Jean Cheney‪ at Traveling HoneyBird loves Boody Body Eco underwear tops and bottoms.

“They’re super warm, dry fast if you get snow in your pants. Easy to wash and care for too.” And the bamboo-friendly rayon fabric is earth friendly, too!

there is nothing like coming out of the cold and stepping into comfortable pajamas, like these bamboo ones.

PJs for Long Winter Nights

After a long day out in the cold it’s night to settle in with a hot toddy and pajamas you love.

I’m really drawn to these bamboo viscose pajamas because of their loose comfortable fit.

Their promise to wick away sweat to keep you warm but not make you hot is making them a popular pick this winter.

Clothes for All Your Winter Work & Play

Turtlenecks for Layering…or Not

A slim-fitting turtleneck like this one from Popzone is always a part of my winter travel-wear.

It looks good by itself with jeans or a skirt. Pair it with a blazer or long cardigan, or layer it under a flannel shirt or fleece for extra warmth.

This is the wardrobe staple where, when I find one I like, I like buy three. With 13 colors and a great price, you can.

a black turtleneck goes everywhere and does everything in the winter. it's a travel essential
this plaid shocket can look ski-town chic or city casual, depending on what you pair it with.

Flattering Flannel

My fall shopping introduced me to the term “shoeties,” and now with winter shopping I’ve discovered this popular plaid shacket.

This nylon-spandex mix has a soft flannel field and comes in 27 colors from this basic monochrome to a panoply of traditional plaids.

It’s the perfect thing to wear for an afternoon of shopping on a small town’s main street. Dress it up for dinner at your favorite ski-town steakhouse. Or just cozy up in it for aprés ski with family and friends.

The Perfect City Sweater

This Lillusory tunic is my ideal sweater for winter city getaway. It’s comfortable, is just the right weight, and looks awesome with jeans or leggings.

Pair it was a skirt, tall boots and some big earrings, and you’re ready for a nice dinner out.

It comes in 26 colors from basic to bright and moms are scooping it up this season.

a nice tunic sweater is ideal for winter travel because you can dress it up or down and it keeps you warm either way.
a this v-neck sweater is essentially the winter t-shirt. find one you like and buy it in several colors.

Your Everyday Sweater

A light, basic sweater that is essentially my winter t-shirt is another item I can’t have enough of in my closet.

This classic-fit v-neck sweater comes in 32 colors and the price is right. So you really could wear one every day.

I just might.

The Fun Sweater

I really love this Dokotoo block sweater. and I’m far from the only one.

With so many basic items that you need for the winter, it’s nice to mix things up with a colorful, item like this. The 27 color combinations are surprising and it’s for leggings or jeans with chunky boots and big jewelry.

a bold block sweater adds color and fun to functional winter clothes.

High-Tech Winter Jackets & Coats

a good winter fleece for women zips up, has pockets, keeps your neck warm and is long enough to not ride up.

The Right Fleece Middle Layer

You can’t travel in winter without a lightweight fleece. It’s a snug layering item when it’s very cold. And it’s handy under a vest or windbreaker during cool shoulder season days.

Try the women’s West Bend zip-up from Columbia. It has a high collar to keep your neck warm. It’s cut longer than most fleeces so it won’t ride up, which is handy when you’re layering or doing something you’re active.

A Compact Down Jacket

I love a down jacket that I can scrunch into a sack. I can roll it up and pop it in my carry-on when I get to the airports. Or easily fit it in my suitcase when I’m heading somewhere colder than home is.

Columbia’s Pebble Peak hooded jacket retains body heat and has pockets that zip. It also folds into its interior pocket for easy packing without keeping track of a compression sack.

Plus, this marionberry is an awesome color.

a light bubble jacket that packs up compactly is invaluable for winter travel.
a warm winter coat doesn't have to be bulky. this military-style parka will keep you feeling warm and looking cool.

Sleek & Warm Winter Coat

Who says a coat has to be puffy to be warm?

I for one, don’t love walking around in a giant zippered quilt all winter. I’d rather this flat-fronted military-style parka from YXP.

The faux-Sherpa lining and windproof and water-resistant exterior will keep you warm and dry. The waist cinches and the faux-fur trim on the hood is removable.

Keep Your Feet Warm, Too

SmartWool socks

My love of SmartWool started with socks. They are form-fitting under boots and they keep your feet warm but never sweaty.

I like the thinner, slightly cushioned hiking socks for cross-country skiing and ice skating. They have long ski socks, too.

smartwool socks keep your feet warm and dry by wicking away sweat and moisture.
a 5-pack of colorful wool socks is just thing the to cheer you up on gray winter days.

Wool Socks by the Pack

If you are outdoors a lot, or love to wear fuzzy socks indoors, Senkar sells five-packs of wool socks in solids and winterly patterns.

They’re irresistible and make great Christmas gifts, too.

ir?t=fam07 20&l=am2&o=1&a=b01dxrq53wGenuine Uggs:

I’ve bought my share of Ugg knock-offs. Then I sprang for a genuine pair of Koolaburra fleece-lines boots a few winters ago winter, and I’m sold on the genuine article.

These best-selling Koolaburra Aribel mid-calf boots have a slightly raised heel and arch supports, essentials for a city mom who does a lot of walking all winter.

And the soles are holding up much better against salt-covered sidewalks than cheaper boots do.

koolaburra uggs are affordable and much better than any knock-off uggs you'll ever buy.
when you need a functional, water repellant snow boot, turn to columbia's minx boots.

Columbia Insulating Boots for Women

Alexis Jordan Tchuise‪ of World Travel Adventure raves that she loves her Columbia Minx shorty snow boot.

“They keep my feet warm and dry even in Iceland in the winter!” And the Omni-Grip rubber soles provide good traction on even icy or slushy terrain.

Even women who aren’t traveling as far as Iceland are buying them up for those snowy winter days ahead.

Winter Accessories That Do More

A Soft, Warm Gator

I like Gators, like this super-soft merino wool option anytime I’m outdoors for long periods in the cold. They come up higher than scarves to keep your neck completely warm.

And you can pull them over your nose and chin if you’re very cold. And they’re ideal for activities like skiing or cold-weather camping when dangling scarves aren’t particularly safe.

a merino wool gator keeps your whole neck warm and doesn't get in the way during winter activities.
glove liners you can wear while using your phone are handy when you are running around town in winter.

Surprising Glove Liners

I bought a glove liners like this conductive merino wool pair for my teen last winter and then took them to wear myself.

They’re thin enough that I can drive in them and keep them on when I’m popping in and out of stores around town.

Plus, these have those essential conductive fingers that let you keep them on while using your phone or the ATM, too.

We’ve also been on super-cold ski vacations where I’ve actually worn them as liners under other gloves.

Soft & Warm ETip gloves

The Newest Osito Etip glove from North Face has the warm fleece of previous styles but adds a no-slip silicon palm makes all your outdoor activities easy.

And you don’t have to take them off to use your phone, which is nice on the very cold days when you’re likely to wear them.

Choose from five colors.

fleece gloves from north face keep fingers warm and let you use your phone, too.

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the warmest winter clothes for women, from base layers and socks to sweaters, coats, boots and gloves. look great and be comfortable all winter long.