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Take Your Teens To A Costa Rica Adventure Park

Take Your Teens To A Costa Rica Adventure Park

costa Rica is absolutely gorgeous and known for its active adventures for families. My two teenagers were happy to plunge into it all and I did my best to keep up with them on our vacation, despite some serious pumping adrenaline at times.

We generally don’t do organized, packaged activities, but we started the trip with a bang at Buena Vista Adventures, a popular Costa Rica adventure park.

Just 15 miles from the airport in San Jose,  it straddles the mountain bordering the Rincón de la Vieja volcano.

Five activities will cost $85-$95 per person. We recommend trying all of them all.

Our Day of Teen Adventures In Costa Rica

Monkey Around on A Zip Line

We started the day zip lining with howler monkeys just overhead and gorgeous rainforest below. This is a must-do. Don’t be afraid.

Teens will love jungle canopy zip-lining in costa rica

The guides make sure you’re tightly buckled and you can control your speed to make this a slow ride for seeing the sights or a daredevil dash to the next platform. If I can do one of the longest lines upside down—and I did—you can do this, too! Watch for monkeys!

Brave the Water Slide

This is a serious water slide, It’s 400 meters long. 

You must wear a helmet (a true necessity). And anyone wearing a two-piece bathing suit must wear what they call a leather diaper to keep their bottom on. The water is that powerful!

Teens will love all the adventure activities in costa rica, like this giant jungle waterslide

My kids went three times, but their Dad and I decided to just watch after the first go-round. It was pretty scary (and this is coming from a person who zip lines upside down)!

The water is freezing very refreshing.

Tip: You’ll find changing facilities a few steps away from the slide.

Saddle Up a Horse

After lunch, we saddled up for our horseback ride (top).

This was not your typical resort ride. We galloped and trotted along tight paths through the rainforest.

These horses are well trained; no need to worry about having problems with their behavior.However, be careful on the narrow paths. My youngest got her foot tangled in a vine, her horse kept going and she fell off.

She was scratched up and shaken but she was able to ride on. We had thought that perhaps the helmets we got were overkill, but I was so glad she had been wearing hers when she fell.

After about 45 minutes, we made it to our destination: The Spa!

Play in the Mud at the Spa

After changing back into our swim suits, we kicked back in the sauna to open those pores, then we had a mud bath.

My family had so much fun slathering on the mud (don’t forget the face)! Your skin will feel wonderful after this.

I must admit I didn’t enjoy the cold shower to rinse the mud off, but the hot springs we plunged into afterward did took the chill away.

There are three different temperatures of volcano fed springs. You work your way from hottest to coolest and can stay as long as you like.

Costa rica is a great place for catching sunsets.

We went back and forth between the pools a few times. The scenery is gorgeous, but be careful not to make yourself too limp; you do still have to journey back to the parking area!

Tip: You can take a tractor ride to and from the spa, but if you enjoyed the horseback ride, ask your guide if you can return that way. My family did and we were alone on the return trip, a wonderful way to end our day.

The sun was beginning to set and we had the scenery all to ourselves. Of course, after you work out the kinks from your earlier ride in the pools, you might not want to climb back on again!

Refuel at the Buffet

While drying off we decided to pause for lunch, which is included in the package. Surprisingly, this was some of the best food we ate in Costa Rica. We all went back for seconds.

It’s not easy getting up the mountain (as you’ll see), so most of what we ate had been grown right there. Try the eggplant (it’s to die for) and if you’re too full to eat the cookie at your place setting, take it with you for later. It was delicious. 

Bats are part of the wildlife in costa rica

We came back after the pools and I ended my day with a cappuccino reminiscent of one I had in Italy. Yes, it was that good—literally the froth on top of a great and very stimulating family vacation day in Costa Rica.

Tip: If you use the outside bathrooms nearby keep your eye out for bats. We saw a cluster of babies near the bathroom door. We thought it was pretty cool, but they can take you by surprise.

Leave Your Camera Behind

At the gift shop you can buy a CD with photos of your day for about $20. You can bring your own camera, too, if you have a GoPro or other water and shockproof camer. The guides will take photos for you. But they do such a nice job on the CD, I say don’t take the chance of damaging your gear.

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