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Ask FamiliesGo! Washington DC Hotel Deals?

Updated February 2020 Question:Where Can We Find Good Hotel Deals in Washington, DC? I’m searching for advice on a mid-range hotel in Washington DC for me and three kids. We’ll …

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Ask FamiliesGo! Any Ideas For Affordable U.S. Beach Vacations?

Question:Where Can We Find An Affordable Beach Vacation in the U.S.? I want to take my twins to the beach for the first time, but I’m very restricted on budget. …

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Spend Less On Christmas & Thanksgiving Airfare

Question: The Holiday-Season Airfare Challenge How can I find cheap airfares for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? FamiliesGo! Answer: In general you save money on airfare by not traveling when …

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Ask FamiliesGo!: When Do Kids Nap On Vacation?

This is Ask FamiliesGo!, where we answer our readers’ questions about family travel. We add new questions as our readers pose them, so keep checking back. You can ask your own question …